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Meg Houseworth

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor

Hi all! My name is Meg Houseworth (she/her). I am a senior and an Executive Editor of the Opinion and Arts & Entertainment sections. This is my fourth year on staff, and previously I have been an Assistant Editor and staff writer for In-Depth. I am forever grateful to have joined The Evanstonian my freshman year, as I've found the most passionate, loving, and creative people within this space. I am super excited to produce meaningful content this year that emphasizes Evanston history and social justice. Outside of the paper, I play volleyball, am on SOAR board, and Co-Chair the Emerge Sustainability Committee. In my free time, I love going to coffee shops, baking, and spending time with friends! 

By Meg Houseworth
Clara Gustafson (left), Jilian Denlow (center) and Sophia Sherman (right) will lead the Evanstonian’s 107th editorial board.

The Evanstonian names new executive editors for ‘23-‘24

Meg Houseworth, Jessica Sehgal and Ahania Soni May 11, 2023

Nearly three years ago, three freshman girls sat behind their computer screens in their online Intro to Journalism class. Now, the three girls will unite again as accomplished seniors next year to lead...

Opinion | Prioritize personal time

Opinion | Prioritize personal time

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor May 11, 2023

1,141. That’s how many hours I slept during school last year. That’s approximately 6.135 hours a night, two hours less than the recommended sleep time for teens. And as I scaffold for data from my...

Dear Evanstonian, thank you.

Dear Evanstonian, thank you.

Jessica Sehgal, Meg Houseworth and Ahania Soni May 11, 2023

Dear Evanstonian, Thank you. Thank you for being our platform. As journalists, we are in the unique position to tell stories that can drive real change by encouraging courageous discourse....

Art by Kupunoli Sumi

Piling up: peer pressure pervades teenage experience

Jessica Sehgal and Meg Houseworth April 20, 2023

Teens in the ‘80s and ‘90s may be eerily familiar with the infamous catchphrase: “Just Say No.” On Sept. 14, 1986, former First Lady Nancy Reagan launched this widespread campaign in a nationwide...

Art by Kupu Sumi

Letter from the Executive Editors | How NU, ETHS, Evanston can hold John Evans accountable, ensure Indigenous cultures can thrive

Meg Houseworth, Jessica Sehgal and Ahania Soni February 27, 2023

Right as the sun broke on November 29th, 1864, 700 volunteer soldiers entered sacred land in Fort Lyon, Colorado. Home to the Cheyenne and Arapaho, this vast prairie had become a community for over 700...

Art by Ahania Soni

Land Acknowledgement

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor February 27, 2023

Before we begin this issue, we feel a responsibility to acknowledge the Native folks who continue to cultivate their humanity despite the persistent and pervasive forces of oppression, disinvestment and...

Art by Ahania Soni and Aiyana Jehan

Two different reports about John Evans and Sand Creek, two different tones

Meg Houseworth and Mae Luning February 27, 2023
In May 2014, Northwestern University released the “Report of the John Evans Study Committee,” a comprehensive, 114 page document detailing John Evans’ involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre. The central question explored: was Evans’ financial support for Northwestern attributable to his practices towards Native Americans as territorial governor? The committee consisted of nine social science professors, four from Northwestern and four from outside the university. Nearly a decade after the report’s release, however, Northwestern is facing criticism for the ethical reasons behind the committee's formation. 
Third Place: Brothers K

Third Place: Brothers K

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor January 27, 2023

Picture Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. Take in the smell of rich brazilian espresso, the soft chatter from the couple sitting next to you and the crowded shelves housing retro crimson mugs. Luckily...


[Photo] Winner: Joy Yee

Ben Levy, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

Letter from the Editors | Acknowledging educations origins is key to moving forward

Letter from the Editors | Acknowledging education’s origins is key to moving forward

Meg Houseworth, Maddie Molotla and Sophia Sherman December 16, 2022

When Mayra Bazan Gonzalez was suspended for ten days and recommended for expulsion for carrying pepper spray, the conversations in The Evanstonian office that followed compelled us to investigate the various...

Photo courtesy of Corey Winchester

History teacher, SOAR coordinator talks school safety, the dangers of increased security

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor December 16, 2022

Teachers are vital to school safety. From the reassuring gestures given before unit tests to the warm “hellos'' uttered in between passing periods, educators help students feel safe and seen in a space...

Opinion | In response to ‘I’ve had enough of the panhandlers downtown’

Opinion | In response to ‘I’ve had enough of the panhandlers downtown’

Meg Houseworth, Simone Jacot-Bell and Ben Levy October 14, 2022

On Sept. 1st, Evanston Now published a provocative guest essay that criticized the panhandlers in downtown Evanston, most notably on Davis and Maple near Gigios and Bennisons. The essay was brief, and...

Local artist uses art to heal during challenging times

Local artist uses art to heal during challenging times

Meg Houseworth, Executive Editor August 15, 2022

Art is more than materials, melodies or words conglomerated together to form intricate designs–it is an agent of healing. If it weren’t for Van Gogh’s time at the psychiatric hospital of Saint-Rémy-De-Provence,...

Opinion | Stop exploiting peoples oppression for college applications

Opinion | Stop exploiting people’s oppression for college applications

Meg Houseworth and Simone Jacot-Bell August 15, 2022

With college application season fast approaching, many high school seniors are beginning to wipe the summer dust off their Chromebooks and start the Common App: a process which requires students to summarize...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

Stress and substances: the supports in place for students in Evanston

Teenagers are living in an entirely different reality. Despite sarcastic connotations that may frequently accompany that phrase, research suggests that it may be true in some ways. Dopamine, sometimes...

2018 ETHS alum Sebastian Nalls on bid for alderman, running for mayor, and life as a long-time Evanstonian

Meg Houseworth, Assistant In-Depth Editor February 28, 2022

Recently, I sat down with my neighbor and prospective Ninth Ward alderman candidate Sebastian Nalls. At just 20 years old, Nalls already has a distinguished resume, including interning for Governor Pritzker...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

Letter from the In-Depth editors | Fostering productive communication between Evanstonian, administration

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal and Meg Houseworth February 28, 2022

For the past three months, The Evanstonian’s In-Depth section has attempted to investigate the procedures and protocols in place for incident reporting at ETHS. We chose this topic due to another Evanstonian...

Since its founding, Evanston has been shaped by those in favor of a segregated town and those who have pushed Evanston to be more equitable and accepting.

‘Microcosm of the world’: Evanston as a political ‘proving ground’

Meg Houseworth, Jojo Wertheimer and Jilian Denlow January 28, 2022
Evanston was shaped by both perpetrators and trailblazers, all of whom played an instrumental role in forming the city we call home. From real estate practices to voting tendencies, Evanston functions in the ways that it does as a result of its history with civic engagement and local policy choices. 

Evanston’s historical perpetuation of housing discrimination

Meg Houseworth, Assistant In-Depth Editor January 28, 2022

Since its founding in 1863, Evanston has been perceived as an emblem of opportunity. From the town’s locational assets—Northwestern, Chicago and Lake Michigan—to its ambitious and business-oriented...

Community Service Club, Students Organized Against Racism, Emerge and Paw Patrol are some of the most popular clubs at ETHS.

ETHS activities and spaces grapple with inequities

Historically clubs and activities at ETHS have been segregated, both in terms of race and gender. The Evanstonian is no exception to this pattern. For the October issue, the In-Depth staff chose to cover...

As students return fully in-person for the first time since March 2020, students work to adjust to their busy schedules.

Under pressure: ETHS students adjust to in-person school

On Aug. 16, the doors of ETHS opened to a crowd of students awaiting busy hallways, friendly teachers and rows of desks. Two years ago, this picture could have evoked a multitude of emotions, but above all: normalcy. Now, these various components that complete a “normal” school day seem foreign.
The COVID-19 pandemic radically shifted the way the commercial and the social services sectors in Evanston operate, as each innovated amid the turmoil.

Two vital components of the Evanston community begin to rebuild

Evanston's business and social service communities begin to recover following the dramatic changes caused by COVID-19.
ETHS aims to break college-or-bust culture, expand slate of post-secondary opportunities

ETHS aims to break college-or-bust culture, expand slate of post-secondary opportunities

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal and Meg Houseworth May 21, 2021
After spending four years memorizing the distinct bells and navigating the different cuts and corners that compose ETHS, everyone is asked the same question: what’s next? 
A call for conscience: the layers of sexism at ETHS

A call for conscience: the layers of sexism at ETHS

Whether it is whispers in the halls, outright sexist comments in the classroom or an objectionable view of women and their role in the world—sexism is very much alive and well in schools, including ETHS.
Tradeoffs and Triages: Students navigate mental health in e-learning

Tradeoffs and Triages: Students navigate mental health in e-learning

Trigger Warning: The following story contains information regarding mental health issues that may trigger some readers. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. The Mental Health...

Making it through 2020

Making it through 2020

On March 12, 2020, the ETHS community received an email informing them that “based on the rapidly evolving health concerns with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and guidance of the North Cook Intermediate...

The Issue of E-learning

The Issue of E-learning

Letter from the Editors  What is the issue of e-learning? Of all the questions to answer about ETHS this year, this has to be one of the most challenging, because it gets to the heart of what it...

The Issue of E-learning: Looking forwards and sideways

Meg Houseworth and Stella Israelite September 24, 2020

Discussions of reopening have occurred in recent months between faculty and families. Among the more pressing subjects of concern is the grading process, which has further ignited the desire to send...

A summer of activism: making a movement

A summer of activism: making a movement

February 23. Ahmaud Arbery was murdered in Brunswick, Georgia. March 13. Breonna Taylor was murdered in Louisville, Kentucky. May 25. George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These...

Social Consciousness

HISTORY In 2014, ETHS introduced its first Black Student Summit. This event, which at the time was broken down into a Black Male and Female Summit, marked the beginning of the Social Consciousness...

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