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Mae Luning

Mae Luning, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hey! My name is Mae Luning (she/her). I’m a senior this year, and I’m the Arts and Entertainment Editor. This is only my second year writing for the paper, so I’m really excited to get more of my ideas and writing out into the world! Outside of the Evanstonian, I am on the swim and water polo teams, I play piano and I love to bake and read!

By Mae Luning
EDC’s ‘Vibrance’ brings energy from multiple cultures

EDC’s ‘Vibrance’ brings energy from multiple cultures

Mae Luning, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 15, 2023

Always a fan favorite, the ETHS Dance Company (EDC) performed their annual production in three shows on the last weekend in February in the main auditorium for a  lively audience of students and family. ...

Art by Ahania Soni and Aiyana Jehan

Two different reports about John Evans and Sand Creek, two different tones

Meg Houseworth and Mae Luning February 27, 2023
In May 2014, Northwestern University released the “Report of the John Evans Study Committee,” a comprehensive, 114 page document detailing John Evans’ involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre. The central question explored: was Evans’ financial support for Northwestern attributable to his practices towards Native Americans as territorial governor? The committee consisted of nine social science professors, four from Northwestern and four from outside the university. Nearly a decade after the report’s release, however, Northwestern is facing criticism for the ethical reasons behind the committee's formation. 
Photo courtesy of Sadie Dowhan

Runner-Up: Ovo Frito Cafe

Mae Luning, A&E Editor January 27, 2023

Located just a few blocks north of downtown Evanston on Maple Avenue, Ovo Frito Cafe’s bright atmosphere, five-star service and extensive menu make it the perfect spot to enjoy an early or mid-morning...

Apple cider of Evanston

Apple cider of Evanston

Mae Luning, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 14, 2022

For me, hot apple cider is a fall staple. Fall as a season is always a magical time of year, and even with this year’s weirdly hot weather, I’m always up for a steaming cup of hot cider.  What...

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ entertains, but acting and plot fall short

Mae Luning and Merrill Short October 14, 2022

Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde star in one of the year's most anticipated films—Don’t Worry Darling. The movie is set in the fictional desert town of Victory, California where everything...

Former YAMO performer Pep Rosefeld on stage at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, the improv club he manages.

Pep-pering jokes from YAMO, to SNL, to Boom Chicago

Mae Luning, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 23, 2022

When I think of Amsterdam, the first things that come to mind are bikes, canals, art and—I don’t know—tall, skinny buildings? The point is, when I was in Amsterdam back in 2019, I was not thinking...

Screen or skip: the best and worst movies of the summer

Mae Luning, Charlotte Murray and Jared Tucker August 15, 2022

Top Gun  Top Gun: Maverick did not disappoint. The long overdue sequel to the classic 1986 Navy pilot movie hit theaters at the beginning of this summer and went viral. Tom Cruise and Miles Teller...

YAMO board works hard to prepare for fall show

YAMO board works hard to prepare for fall show

Mae Luning, A&E Editor August 15, 2022

YAMO is back in full swing this year for the 65th-anniversary edition of the classic Evanston tradition. The completely student-run comedy sketch show/musical extravaganza never fails to knock the socks...

Inside Booktok, the trend reigniting teens love of reading

Inside ‘Booktok,’ the trend reigniting teens’ love of reading

Mae Luning, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

It’s no secret that the number of teenagers who pick up and read a book each day for fun has been steadily declining since the mid-twentieth century. Now, more than ever, the majority of high schoolers...

Amid Oscar buzz, women nominations remain scarce

Mae Luning and Sadie Dowhan March 18, 2022

For years now, women have had to fight for nominations, awards, and merely jobs in general as part of the historically male-dominated film industry. With the Oscars coming up on Mar. 27  and Women’s...

Gratitude for life at the core of Freshman/Sophomore production of ‘The Wong Kids In the Secret of the Space Chubacabra GO!’

Amy Grill and Mae Luning February 28, 2022

The Freshmen/Sophomore winter play opened on Feb. 3 in the Little Theater, the eve of ETHS’ second snow day in a row. An unfortunate occurrence, but… the show must go on!. The Wong Kids in the Secret...

Image courtesy of Elli Proctor

‘Birds of Concern’ mural offers connection between art and habitat preservation

Mae Luning, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

A new mural, titled “Birds of Concern,” located on Central Street and Green Bay Road was recently completed.  On Oct. 23, Mayor Daniel Biss hosted a commemorative ribbon cutting of the mural, which...

Viewers guide to fall movies and TV shows

Viewer’s guide to fall movies and TV shows

Sophie Yang and Mae Luning October 15, 2021

It’s that time of the year again: 60-degree weather, color-changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. The transition from summer into winter is our favorite, most beautiful season, fall. What better way...

Photo courtesy of Sadie Dowhan

CCMA’s timeless exhibit celebrates artist Frida Kahlo

Lila Portis, Ali Cutter, Sadie Dowhan and Mae Luning September 17, 2021

The Cleve Carney Museum of Art’s Frida Kahlo Timeless Exhibit opens with a towering portrait of the artist herself, hair and skirt adorned with pink and white flowers, rested in front of a vibrant green...

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