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Bridget Baker

Bridget Baker, In-Depth Editor

Hi! My name is Bridget Baker (she/her). I am a senior and am the In-Depth Editor. This is my third year on staff.  I love working on the articles that In-Depth produces and collaborating with all of the great writers in In-Depth. I love how the Evanstonian allows me to meet new people and learn more about those around me. Outside of the Evanstonian, I play tennis and am a co-leader of the Climate Action club. Outside of school, I enjoy writing, playing tennis, spending time outdoors, and being with friends.

By Bridget Baker
A historical tug of war

A historical tug of war

In 1969, then-senior Hecky Powell marched 250 students through ETHS’ Heritage Hall that runs right through the center of the building. Students from all walks of life parked outside of the Superintendent's...

Art by Ahania Soni

In years after Sand Creek Massacre, media, political operatives salvage Evans’ reputation

Ahania Soni, Bridget Baker, Aaliya Weheliye and Rosie Witt February 27, 2023
Although we now know it as the Sand Creek Massacre, for over a century the events of Nov. 28 were called a “battle.” The men who are now condemned as murderers were—in many cases —celebrated and revered. Despite the graphically disturbing testimonies of soldiers, and the eventual congressional investigation which led to the resignation from the governorship of John Evans’, the territorial governor at the time, the prevailing narrative in Colorado was one of brave American troops warding off dangerous Natives.  
Illustration by Aiyana Jehan

Just a 30-minute cab ride away: An inside look at North Cook Young Adult Academy

Jian Kramer couldn’t remember how that pocket knife even got there in the first place, but now it sat in the palm of the safety officer's hand, staring Kramer back in the face: a mindless error that would change the course of his entire high school education.
Photo courtesy of Kupunoli Sumi

Technological troubles in teaching: how mobile devices affect education, ETHS

The years following the pandemic saw a large uptick in students' addiction to technology, specifically cell phones. Technology had been one of the only things that allowed people to connect with each other even when everyone was stuck at home, and many teachers have noticed the increase in technological use that students endured remotely has translated into the classroom setting. The new phone policy attempts to curb that addiction.
Photo courtesy of Ahania Soni

Continuing after crisis: District 65 regroups and rebounds for next school year

The 2021-2022 school year bore hardships for students across the country. Returning to a full-fledged school schedule after a year of isolation proved to be challenging for various reasons, and student...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

Stress and substances: the supports in place for students in Evanston

Teenagers are living in an entirely different reality. Despite sarcastic connotations that may frequently accompany that phrase, research suggests that it may be true in some ways. Dopamine, sometimes...

Community Service Club, Students Organized Against Racism, Emerge and Paw Patrol are some of the most popular clubs at ETHS.

ETHS activities and spaces grapple with inequities

Historically clubs and activities at ETHS have been segregated, both in terms of race and gender. The Evanstonian is no exception to this pattern. For the October issue, the In-Depth staff chose to cover...

As students return fully in-person for the first time since March 2020, students work to adjust to their busy schedules.

Under pressure: ETHS students adjust to in-person school

On Aug. 16, the doors of ETHS opened to a crowd of students awaiting busy hallways, friendly teachers and rows of desks. Two years ago, this picture could have evoked a multitude of emotions, but above all: normalcy. Now, these various components that complete a “normal” school day seem foreign.
The COVID-19 pandemic radically shifted the way the commercial and the social services sectors in Evanston operate, as each innovated amid the turmoil.

Two vital components of the Evanston community begin to rebuild

Evanston's business and social service communities begin to recover following the dramatic changes caused by COVID-19.
A call for conscience: the layers of sexism at ETHS

A call for conscience: the layers of sexism at ETHS

Whether it is whispers in the halls, outright sexist comments in the classroom or an objectionable view of women and their role in the world—sexism is very much alive and well in schools, including ETHS.
Student volunteers prepare for a fall food drive.

Students continue service, activism during COVID-19

Bridget Baker, Staff Writer January 25, 2021

Junior Joanna Tafolla has a full plate of community and social service responsibilities. She is a committee member of the ETHS Community Service Club, a board member of the school’s chapter of the Society...

Tradeoffs and Triages: Students navigate mental health in e-learning

Tradeoffs and Triages: Students navigate mental health in e-learning

Trigger Warning: The following story contains information regarding mental health issues that may trigger some readers. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. The Mental Health...

Making it through 2020

Making it through 2020

On March 12, 2020, the ETHS community received an email informing them that “based on the rapidly evolving health concerns with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and guidance of the North Cook Intermediate...

The Issue of E-learning

The Issue of E-learning

Letter from the Editors  What is the issue of e-learning? Of all the questions to answer about ETHS this year, this has to be one of the most challenging, because it gets to the heart of what it...

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