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We Got It!

We Got It!

August 21, 2019

Chicago’s history of redlining and what it means for POC neighborhoods today

Eden Drajpuch, Feature Facilitator

August 21, 2019

As Chicago grapples with its environmental future, Evanston’s geographic proximity to the city forces Evanstonians to reckon with how a history of racist housing practices has led to environmental discrimination against certain ...

Punny promposals: students say yes to prom

Louise Bond, Sarah Frieman, and Mac Stone

May 29, 2019

Iony Clarke & Gabi Rodriguez  “I was watching the lacrosse game and after the game when they were walking towards the locker room Gabi goes ‘alright boys’ and took off his jersey and underneath each person had a ...

Seniors continue passions post-high school

Maddie Coyle and Meena Sharma

May 23, 2019

Throughout high school, many people participate in a variety of different clubs and activities to help set us up for success post high school. In doing so, many of us find our niche, something that we are truly passionate about, ...

A glimpse into the daily routines of The Evanstonian seniors

Noah Kayaian, Staff Writer

May 22, 2019

Benjamin Baker-Katz, more commonly known as BK, starts his day with either some toast or a sandwich depending on how much time he has in the morning. He also loves to munch on some snacks when he gets home from school everyday --...

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