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Rosie Witt

Rosie Witt, Staff Writer

By Rosie Witt

Safety in Starbucks: ‘it’s not a school issue, but these are our students’

Rosie Witt, Staff Writer March 27, 2023

Since open-campus lunch privileges were granted to all grades two years ago, there have been several instances of violence and threats in restaurants near the school. Both during lunch and after school,...

Art by Ahania Soni

In years after Sand Creek Massacre, media, political operatives salvage Evans’ reputation

Ahania Soni, Bridget Baker, Aaliya Weheliye, and Rosie Witt February 27, 2023
Although we now know it as the Sand Creek Massacre, for over a century the events of Nov. 28 were called a “battle.” The men who are now condemned as murderers were—in many cases —celebrated and revered. Despite the graphically disturbing testimonies of soldiers, and the eventual congressional investigation which led to the resignation from the governorship of John Evans’, the territorial governor at the time, the prevailing narrative in Colorado was one of brave American troops warding off dangerous Natives.  
Photo courtesy of Isa De Los Reyes

Runner-Up: Taco Diablo

Rosie Witt, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

A mouth-watering taco shell with a crunchy texture, crispy chicken, fresh cabbage and carrots, and the tangy flavor of a special aioli sauce. All these flavors come together to make a vibrant, flavorful...

Students take to Chicago streets to push for climate change action

Annabelle Harris and Rosie Witt October 14, 2022

According to NCEI’s Global Annual Temperature Rankings Outlook, it is almost certain that the year 2022 will be among the 10 warmest years on record, which will be detrimental to our planet and its ecosystems....

From appearances to safety, decision to unmask isn’t easy for students

Clara Gustafson, Izzy Rudolph , and Rosie Witt March 18, 2022

With the recent change from masks being required to highly recommended at ETHS, many students have different opinions and thoughts as to whether or not they should wear a mask. While this decision is for...

Students contrast year of e-learning with first semester of in-person learning

Ahania Soni and Rosie Witt December 23, 2021

After a semester of being fully back to in person learning, looking back on the year we spent in zoom classes almost feels like a fever dream. But for many students, the effects that year had on our outlook...

Illustration by Kupu Sumi

Parent Facebook groups spark political discourse, disagreements

Ingrid Halverson and Rosie Witt November 19, 2021

One key element to understand civic engagement in Evanston is to consider the nature of communication between Evanston families. There is a vital connection between Evanston parents and guardians and the...

“Better than ever”: ETHS preserves Homecoming during COVID-10

Rosie Witt and Sam Molitor October 15, 2021

With an in-person school year underway, one of the many events that has recently returned is the Homecoming dance. The pep rally and football game took place on Friday, Sept. 24, and the dance took place...

District 65 reopening prompts student, staff response

Elise Goulding and Rosie Witt September 17, 2021

For the 2021-2022 school year, District 65 decided to reopen with all in-person learning. Middle and elementary schoolers will be back in the building at full capacity for the first time since the initial...

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