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Opioid epidemic plagues American public health

Opioid epidemic plagues American public health

Sophia Weglarz, In-Depth Editor November 21, 2017

While the term ‘opioid epidemic’ has become rampant in mainstream media, its meaning has a deeper, more poignant connection to ETHS. “The opioid use has always been a problem in our inner...

Income inequality

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor November 21, 2017

A tale of two cities. Evanston’s income inequality translates into classrooms at a higher rate than the rest of Illinois, creating a severe academic divide between different socioeconomic classes. “Income...

The Pot Thickens

The Pot Thickens

Adam Marquardt, Ella Kanter, and Rachel Krumholz November 3, 2017

While the Evanstonian and ETHS do not condone the use of marijuana, the legalization and use of weed has grown to be a highly contested topic, and recreational marijuana use has become more common (and...

Oil and water

Rachel Krumholz and Sophia Weglarz October 16, 2017

ETHS is known for priding itself off its diversity, yet there is one aspect that is constantly being overlooked; social segregation among students is rarely talked about. “Socially speaking, people...

Sports team shows an absence of diversity

Ella Kanter, In-Depth Editor October 16, 2017

You walk into tryouts, lace up your cleats and step out onto the field. Looking around, you suddenly get the feeling that you, nor anyone else within your race belongs there. Certain Evanston sports...

Senior Lanie Lott edits her documentary

Senior Studies projects promote change in women’s roles and body image standards

Billy Krupkin, In-Depth Editor March 17, 2017

While widespread social activism in the female community has been on the rise as of late, two Senior Studies projects are taking a more direct approach to tackling women’s rights issues. Seniors Abbey...

Women in Sports Lunch works to change attitudes surrounding girls athletics

Women in Sports Lunch works to change attitudes surrounding girls athletics

Eli Hartman-Seeskin , Sports Reporter March 17, 2017

Empowerment. The women in sports lunch on Mar. 22 will be an opportunity to empower and recognize excellence among female athletes at ETHS. The annual lunch, which was created in the nineties, has...

Senior Nadia Goldberg leads a meeting.

Female student government members reject leadership gender stereotypes

Grace Fay, In-Depth Editor March 17, 2017

As Women’s History Month is celebrated, women in the student council and senate are reflecting on what it means to be a female leader in our society. “Our student council is mostly females, which...

Senior Riley Hughes takes down the competition

Girls athletic captains aim to put spring sports on the map

Katy Donati, In-Depth Editor March 17, 2017

Yes she can. Girls spring sports captains are a perfect example of how strong character, positive leadership and athletic skill units teams and prepares them for success.   Soccer            ...

Race for Nolan Robinson’s successor heats up

Grace Fay, In-Depth Editor February 24, 2017

Get your cheery morning voice ready, because Nolan Robinson is holding breakneck auditions for his announcements spot. “The next announcer will have to be excited and bursting with energy every morning,”...

Too woke to sleep

Too woke to sleep

Billy Krupkin, In-Depth Editor February 24, 2017

Woke up Wildkits. A large percentage of socially aware students have recently reported an increase in restless sleep and insomnia. “I woke myself up with a dream in which I realized that I should...

Dr. Eric Witherspoon announces plan to run for president

Katy Donati, In-Depth Editor February 24, 2017

Race for the White House. ETHS’ own Dr. Eric Witherspoon announces education and the bettering of the youth of America will be his running platform for his 2020 campaign. “I think that the youth...

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