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Ella Kanter

Ella Kanter, Public Relations Editor

My name is Ella Kanter, and I’m a senior at ETHS! It is my second year on the staff of The Evanstonian. Last year, I wrote for the In-Depth section and this year I am the Public Relations Editor. My favorite part of writing for The Evanstonian is reaching out to new people and listening to their stories and perspectives. In my experience on staff, I’ve realized the importance of free press and unbiased news. I’ve also gained listening and communication skills that will always be of use to me, regardless of what I decide to do in life. Besides writing, I love playing tennis, listening to Spanish music and eating frozen peaches.

By Ella Kanter
Identity influences ones definition of success

Identity influences one’s definition of success

Ella Kanter and Caroline Jacobs April 26, 2019

With almost 4,000 students at ETHS, there are a multitude of paths that students take towards success. In fact, the notion of success itself varies among different individuals within the Evanston community. ...

Different demographics breed different forms of activism

Lauren Dain and Ella Kanter March 23, 2019

ETHS English teacher Anita Bucio, who identifies as Indian American, graduated from New Trier High School in 1998 where she experienced racial prejudices. Bucio has not been back to New Trier since her...

Same game, different representation

Ella Kanter and Sofie Kennedy December 26, 2018

2018 marks the 46th anniversary of Title IX -- the law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded programs or activities, including school sports. Since Title IX passed, the number of...

Racist events spark community response

Zachary Bahar, Ella Kanter, Taryn Robinson and Mac Stone December 26, 2018

Despite claims of acceptance and diversity, the North Shore continues to fester racism and hate -- something that has become more obvious following the posting of a now-viral video which included Glenbrook...

Diverse results of Midterm Election make history

Diverse results of Midterm Election make history

Ella Kanter and Sabine Gratch November 9, 2018

The 2018 Midterm Elections brought into Congress the most diverse group of candidates -- both ethnically and gender-wise -- that the nation has ever seen. National Public Radio reports an all-time...

Game 1, Aug. 24 (top) 
Game 2, Aug. 31 (bottom)

Blue Crew: history of racial exclusion, tension compels students to make change

Ella Kanter and Sarah Parisien October 2, 2018

Inadequate communication between white students and students of color, segregated friend groups, and a historically white student section leave ETHS seniors wondering if Blue Crew, a typically senior-lead...

Harry Porter and Joe Epler, good friends at ETHS, will be rooming next year at University of Wisconsin.

High school friends turn college roommates

Ella Kanter and Sofie Kennedy May 24, 2018

Harry Porter and Joe Epler have been friends since kindergarten. Next fall, they will continue the friendship streak by rooming together at the University of Wisconsin. They are looking forward to...

Seniors Nialie Pomplius and Genevieve Lindley reflect on the latest SOAR conference.

[Photo] SOAR workshops dismantle ignorance at its source

Katy Donati and Margo Levitan March 23, 2018

Seniors Nialie Pomplius and Genevieve Lindley reflect on the latest SOAR conference.

Haven Middle School is one of the main feeder schools for ETHS.

In-Depth: From middle school to high school

The Lock-Out of Low Income Although the many historic attempts to integrate Evanston by means of busing were made with good intentions, the fight for integration within Evanston schools was not a complete...

Sophomore Gigi Girodier

Venezuelan violence in Gigi Girodier’s past, prosperity in her future

Ella Kanter, In Depth Editor January 12, 2018

No one would ever guess that just sixteen months ago, friendly and bright sophomore Gigi Girodier was living in the most dangerous city in the world: Caracas, Venezuela. “Before we left, Venezuela...

Students share their unique faiths

Ella Kanter, In-Depth Editor December 19, 2017

While many are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this holiday season, ETHS students practice various religions and ideologies other than Christianity. “People are so motivated by religion,...

Undocumented students face post-secondary challenges

Undocumented students face post-secondary challenges

Ella Kanter, In-Depth Editor November 21, 2017

Though students hesitate to come out as undocumented due to threats of deportation, revealing their immigration status may be one of the only ways to receive support for their post-secondary...

The Pot Thickens

The Pot Thickens

Adam Marquardt, Ella Kanter and Rachel Krumholz November 3, 2017

While the Evanstonian and ETHS do not condone the use of marijuana, the legalization and use of weed has grown to be a highly contested topic, and recreational marijuana use has become more common (and...

Sports team shows an absence of diversity

Ella Kanter, In-Depth Editor October 16, 2017

You walk into tryouts, lace up your cleats and step out onto the field. Looking around, you suddenly get the feeling that you, nor anyone else within your race belongs there. Certain Evanston sports...

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