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Stressors in sports: the challenges student athletes face due to toxic cultures

Jessica Sehgal, Bridget Baker, Marin Ubersox, Paula Hlava, Sophie Milner-Gorvine, Zoe Kaufman, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers September 23, 2022
For many ETHS students, sports are an integral part of the high school experience. They invigorate passion, build community, develop students’ character and create invaluable opportunities for countless athletes. However, with the many different messages sent to student athletes, they can develop mental illness, eating disorders and other mental health concerns.
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Continuing after crisis: District 65 regroups and rebounds for next school year

The 2021-2022 school year bore hardships for students across the country. Returning to a full-fledged school schedule after a year of isolation proved to be challenging for various reasons, and student...

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling class of 22

It feels like a perfect day  To celebrate our seniors  And enjoy our summer, uh-uh, uh-uh   It feels like a perfect day To stop all schooling  To start our partying, uh-uh, uh-uh    Yeah We’re...

Class of 2022 map

May 12, 2022

318 results were obtained. All students were reached out to for post high school plans.    East - 19.4%   American University Sarah Oppenheimer   Bard College Maya...

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A changing game: standardized testing and college admissions

Nearly 100 years ago, the College Board birthed the Scholastic Aptitude Test, more commonly referred to as the SAT, and 33 years later, the American College Test (ACT) emerged. These lengthy tests have...

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Stress and substances: the supports in place for students in Evanston

Teenagers are living in an entirely different reality. Despite sarcastic connotations that may frequently accompany that phrase, research suggests that it may be true in some ways. Dopamine, sometimes...

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Banished and embellished: an analysis of appropriate content in high schools

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal, Meg Houseworth, Bridget Baker, Lydah Coates, Zoe Kaufman, Calliope Green, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers March 18, 2022

It is undeniable that schools are formative places for young people. The lessons taught within academic institutions leave a mark on students at their most impressionable ages. There is a gravity in the...

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Letter from the In-Depth editors | Fostering productive communication between Evanstonian, administration

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal and Meg Houseworth February 28, 2022

For the past three months, The Evanstonian’s In-Depth section has attempted to investigate the procedures and protocols in place for incident reporting at ETHS. We chose this topic due to another Evanstonian...

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The inner-workings of political conversations in, outside of ETHS

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal, Meg Houseworth, Bridget Baker, Zoe Kaufman, Stella Israelite, Sophie Milner-Gorvine, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers November 19, 2021
Whether it be a debate in English class or a heated discussion around the dinner table, ETHS students are exposed to a multitude of voices in their daily lives, which shape their perspectives on social issues and politics.  When seeing how discourse occurs amongst ETHS students within the walls of 1600 Dodge Avenue, it is vital to address the influence that the greater Evanston community, and specifically parents and guardians, have over the beliefs held by students. 
Community Service Club, Students Organized Against Racism, Emerge and Paw Patrol are some of the most popular clubs at ETHS.

ETHS activities and spaces grapple with inequities

Historically clubs and activities at ETHS have been segregated, both in terms of race and gender. The Evanstonian is no exception to this pattern. For the October issue, the In-Depth staff chose to cover...

As students return fully in-person for the first time since March 2020, students work to adjust to their busy schedules.

Under pressure: ETHS students adjust to in-person school

On Aug. 16, the doors of ETHS opened to a crowd of students awaiting busy hallways, friendly teachers and rows of desks. Two years ago, this picture could have evoked a multitude of emotions, but above all: normalcy. Now, these various components that complete a “normal” school day seem foreign.
The COVID-19 pandemic radically shifted the way the commercial and the social services sectors in Evanston operate, as each innovated amid the turmoil.

Two vital components of the Evanston community begin to rebuild

Evanston's business and social service communities begin to recover following the dramatic changes caused by COVID-19.
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