The Pomkits are heating up

William Fogue Wambo, Staff writer

It’s the middle of the winter season, and the Pomkits are heating up. The dominance of the boys and girls basketball teams has added fuel to their flame, as none of their performances have been short of spectacular. 

“I think [the Pomkits] all have their own confidence, and that’s what brings so much pizazz to the dance floor. We need to work more on chemistry, so that together with their confidence, they can shine on the dance floor,” coach Ruiz said.

It’s clear that the Pomkits are focused on perfecting their craft. With the influence of Coach Ruiz, this winter season has many great things in store. 

“[I want more] chemistry, to grow and to get the aspect of what a team looks like,” coach Ruiz states. “[As a coach], all I can do is enforce all the discipline and hold them all accountable for everything.” 

Senior Pomkit Ashley Blackwood adds her own two cents on how she’ll help the Poms to achieve their goals. 

“I lead by example, so if I think something should be done, I do it and encourage others to take part. Especially when choreographing, I like to get the younger people on the team to choreograph with me.”

As the season moves along, the opportunities for the senior Poms minimize, there is no time to waste for nationals for the seniors.

“We all want to be able to show what we can achieve as a team, but I also think that there is a mutual understanding that we have a lot on our plate. So we are all very supportive of our goals in and out of Pomkits,” Blackwood said.

One thing about these senior Pomkits is that they leave everything on the dance floor because this is the last time they’ll be sporting orange and blue. 

“I have really cherished the Pomkits experience. It has given me friends, life lessons, and it is really fun to be a part of. I have learned so much about dance and about myself.”

The Pomkits are set to perform again as the Evanston Boys Basketball team takes on Loyola at 7 PM on Jan. 28, at Beardsley Gym.