Risin into Fall: PomKits

Sophia McCandlish, Assistant Sports Editor

With thier recent success in their annual competition, PomKits look to win the battle over stereotypes. 

The PomKits’ competition was held at Northern Illinois University, where they earned second place. 

“We faced obstacles because our whole team didn’t show up, and this was the first time in Poms history that we competed in the small division [and placed]!” junior Juliana Lundy explained. 

The team was also voted for the leadership award by other teams and got invited to the 2020 Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida (Nationals). 

Along with the group achievements, individual awards were earned by three seniors. Maggie Job, Shanice Greene and Janiah Taylor were all awarded with All American medals and were invited to Rome, Italy, to perform in the New Year’s Day parade. 

Many don’t know about the hard work that the dancers put forth on a daily basis. 

“Many people don’t realize how hard dancing can really be and how tough it is on your body,” Job said. 

Lundy also explained that one of the biggest stereotypes that PomKits face is that they “sexualize women.” With these negative views on the PomKits, it only makes the team want to prove themselves more. 

“Many sports at the school deal with backlash based on performance and other things all the time. But as a team, it is important to use that as motivation to do better,” Job said.