Pomkits stuns during fall season

JJ Chehab, Staff Writer

This season was a remarkable one for the Pomkits. Well choreographed, they finished a highly memorable season on Oct. 25, their last performance of the fall season. While the team placed for a competition in Orlando, sadly they couldn’t attend. Even so, they did amazingly as they highlighted many Friday nights in which they performed.

Starting with tryouts back in June, the Poms worked hard to succeed as a team both on and off the dance floor.

“Everyday we’d just learn dances, get to know other teams, [and] work on team building,” junior Nyelah Ramsey explained. “It’s a lot of teamwork and learning and basically building our team up.”

There was a lot of great connection between the athletes on the team under first-year head coach Priscilla Ruiz. 

“The key to the team chemistry is creating team bonding moments whether that’s a fundraiser or team sleepovers,” Ruiz said. 

Ramsey echoes her coach’s views, seeing the team as a close group. 

“Our team chemistry has been a lot better than other seasons,” Ramsey said.

With senior captains Kennedy Crenshaw, Maggie Job and Fiona Willman, the group of 24 girls has gained a lot of respect through their leadership. 

“There is a lot of natural leaders on the team,” Ruiz said. “We have 13 seniors this season, so a lot of them are natural leaders and we even have a lot of natural leaders who aren’t seniors.”

The Varsity Poms did extraordinarily well as they performed to songs decided on by both the team and the student body. The dance ensemble will be back again in the winter, with their debut on Nov. 29 as the girl’s basketball team opens against Simeon. With many of the same faces, the team will be ready for yet another great set of performances.