Fallin’ into season: PomKits

Peter Barbato, Staff Writer

We want PomKits!

With a talented young squad, PomKits will be ready to step into the spotlight once again after the offseason grind.

The PomKits have practiced for three weeks in preparation for back to back home football games in late August, where they will unveil their new halftime performance.

The PomKits are reputable for always having current dance routines but learning them doesn’t happen overnight. “To l“Learning new choreography for a game usually takes 6-7 practices, which are each two hours and thirty minutes long,” Oakley said.

PomKits went to Northern Illinois University earlier in the summer for a Universal Dance Association camp. There they competed against eight other schools and qualified for the National Dance Teams Championship, which will take place in February.

“Our senior group is a lot smaller this year,” coach Nichole Boyd said. “Although, our junior group is large, and there’s a lot of talent there.” The 12 remaining junior PomKits will be expected to step up for leadership roles. “ I have full confidence that whoever needs to step up will,” Boyd said..”

The work and dedication that comes with being a PomKit is difficult, but worth it when the crowd roars at the end of their performances.