Pomkits family proved to be life-changing for senior class

Hailey Fine, Assistant Sports Editor

The Pomkits season came to an end this past Friday by honoring the seniors and their final performance of high school.

“This has been the best four years and eight seasons of my life,” senior Maggie Job said.

Pomkits is not only a dance team but a family, and it has made a positive impact on most of the girls who have been a part of it.

“The main thing Pomkits has done for me, is built up my confidence. I came into high school a little shy and extremely insecure about literally everything,” Job said.

Being on a team has helped the girls to stay motivated not only in dance but in school and on the futures as well.

“I’ve learned how to be on a team and work well with others,” senior Trinity Jenkins said. “I will most likely use this when I start my career and have to work with others.”

Although the seniors will be leaving, the juniors still have a year ahead of them to make their mark on the court.

“I want [juniors] to all continue Pomkits. We have a great set of juniors this year, some great leaders,” Job said. “If they chose to continue the sport, I know they will do amazing things, and I can’t wait to come back and see.”