Pomkits strives to spread moral values in midst of exciting year

Will Wambo, Staff Writer

The fall sports season has started and yes that does include PomKits. Captain Maggie Job looks to lead this group PomKits to a successful season.

“All three of the captains, Kennedy Crenshaw, Fiona Willman and I are all constantly working on leading by example. It’s important for everyone’s ideas to be heard. We try to really lead by example. Something we are constantly remembering is that leaders encourage others to be independent, work hard, and learn the values of being on a team.”

No PomKits is not cheerleading, there is a slight difference between the two but there is one similarity: people looking down upon it as an athletic sport. 

“Personally I believe it’s never good to judge before walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Yes, dancing is different from other sports. We don’t keep score of anything or play against another team. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work as hard” Job said. 

The PomKits don’t have regular home and away games like other sports, once a year in January they go to a CSL invite to compete against other dance teams. This year it is at Glenbrook South on Jan. 9. Besides winning the CSL, the PomKits have one goal: to make the most of poms. 

“As a team, I think our main goal is to dance as one. This has taken a lot of extra practice hours but so far has paid off,” Job explained “Personally, though, my goal is just to have fun. This is my last year and I want to make the most of it and make many memories with my teammates.”

The PomKits season will continue onto the winter season where they will be performing at basketball games and of course the big homecoming game this Friday, Sept. 27 where ETHS will go up against Glenbrook North at Murney-Lazier Field.