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Clubs offer students civic engagements opportunities

Annabelle Harris and Milo Slevin November 19, 2021

Civic engagement describes actions taken to help make a change in one's community. It is based on participation in the community. Civic engagement is important for young people to learn about and participate...

Image courtesy of Northwestern University

Northwestern welcomes first female president

Sophia Siddiqui and Oskar Doepke November 19, 2021

After eight years of service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chancellor Rebecca Blank will be taking over for Morton Schapiro as the next president of Northwestern University. Blank has a history...

DeSalvo’s Pizza to open in Central Street Retail District

Ethan Ravi, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

  There is an empty storefront where Symphony's Cafe used to be located, but it will soon be occupied by DeSalvo Pizza, a new pizza restaurant that will open this month. It will serve pizza by...

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Students demand increased CARP implementation through school walkout

Sofia Williams and Charlotte Geyskens November 19, 2021

On Friday, Oct. 22, while most of ETHS was heading to their Block 8 classes, over a hundred students walked out of school to participate in a climate strike organized by Etown Sunrise. While they risked...

What’s next for Evanston movie theater

Milo Slevin and Sophia Siddiqui October 15, 2021

For over two decades, the Century 12 movie theater has been a gathering place for Evanston residents. Kids and adults alike could come together to enjoy a break from the stresses of their everyday life....

Four years in, little progress made on climate plan

Elise Goulding and Aryeh Lesch October 15, 2021

  The City of Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP), created four years ago by former Mayor Steve Haggerty, outlines ambitious goals for reductions in carbon emissions and waste...

ETHS begins weekly COVID-19 testing for some students

ETHS begins weekly COVID-19 testing for some students

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor October 15, 2021

On Sep. 14, ETHS released an announcement outlining new COVID-19 testing requirements and procedures for students. Although the targeted group of students being tested weekly is those who are either unvaccinated...

Evanston resident set to become Lincoln Park Zoo CEO, President

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor October 15, 2021

For the first time in the Lincoln Park Zoo’s history, a female scientist will serve as the next President and CEO. Megan Ross, who has a doctorate in animal behavior and psychology is set to take over...

Mindfulness rehumanizes ETHS experience

Annabelle Harris and Oskar Doepke October 15, 2021

In recent years, anxiety and stress levels among teens have been skyrocketing, and the isolation and uncertainty that came with the COVID-19 pandemic made matters even worse. According to the Child Mind...

“Better than ever”: ETHS preserves Homecoming during COVID-10

Rosie Witt and Sam Molitor October 15, 2021

With an in-person school year underway, one of the many events that has recently returned is the Homecoming dance. The pep rally and football game took place on Friday, Sept. 24, and the dance took place...

ETHS staff reacts to in-person learning, logistics

Sofia Williams , Staff Writer September 17, 2021

ETHS is finally back, and it’s better than ever...according to some. After a year like no other, change at the school is undeniable; as the school year begins and the first weeks are completed, students...

COVID-19 FAQ with Superintendent Eric Witherspoon

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor September 17, 2021

Prior to students reentering the building for the school year, ETHS staff created new protocols in an effort to ensure student safety and mitigate COVID-19 cases.  The new COVID-19 protocols focus...