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Mindfulness rehumanizes ETHS experience

Annabelle Harris and Oskar Doepke October 15, 2021

In recent years, anxiety and stress levels among teens have been skyrocketing, and the isolation and uncertainty that came with the COVID-19 pandemic made matters even worse. According to the Child Mind...

“Better than ever”: ETHS preserves Homecoming during COVID-10

Rosie Witt and Sam Molitor October 15, 2021

With an in-person school year underway, one of the many events that has recently returned is the Homecoming dance. The pep rally and football game took place on Friday, Sept. 24, and the dance took place...

ETHS staff reacts to in-person learning, logistics

Sofia Williams , Staff Writer September 17, 2021

ETHS is finally back, and it’s better than ever...according to some. After a year like no other, change at the school is undeniable; as the school year begins and the first weeks are completed, students...

COVID-19 FAQ with Superintendent Eric Witherspoon

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor September 17, 2021

Prior to students reentering the building for the school year, ETHS staff created new protocols in an effort to ensure student safety and mitigate COVID-19 cases.  The new COVID-19 protocols focus...

Image courtesy of Eric Brown

ETHS science teacher Eric Brown recognized by White House, President Biden

Eden Drajpuch September 17, 2021

On Aug. 27, biology teacher Eric Brown was recognized by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for his commitment to both his students and equity initiatives in the school.  Brown is a member...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

Amidst resignations, Evanston government faces scrutiny

Aryeh Lesch and Reggie Teinowitz September 17, 2021

The City of Evanston government looks a lot different now than it did three, or even one, month ago. From a change in Evanston Police Department leadership to the City Manager’s resignation, Evanston...

District 65 reopening prompts student, staff response

Elise Goulding and Rosie Witt September 17, 2021

For the 2021-2022 school year, District 65 decided to reopen with all in-person learning. Middle and elementary schoolers will be back in the building at full capacity for the first time since the initial...

COVID-19 dashboard promotes transparency as ETHS resumes in-person learning

Tarek Anthony , Staff Writer September 17, 2021

The COVID-19 dashboard, which was created in April 2021 at the start of hybrid learning, is designed to offer transparency about staff and student COVID-19 exposures, quarantines, vaccinations and positive...

Illinois amendment provides excused mental health absences for students

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor September 17, 2021

With students heading back to school for in-person learning across the state, the Illinois State Senate spent the summer creating a bill that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of students. On...

Photo courtesy of Lia Kelly

Witherspoon set to retire at end of school year

Eden Drajpuch, Executive Editor September 14, 2021
On Sept. 13, Superintendent Eric Witherspoon announced his retirement at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.  Witherspoon has served as the District 202 Superintendent since 2006 and has served as a superintendent at large for over 30 years.

Block schedule reshapes pace of school day

Yahya Shafique, Staff Writer August 16, 2021

For the 2021-22 school year, ETHS will implement block scheduling and will make several significant adjustments that will dramatically reshape the school that many people are familiar with. The biggest...

Eden Drajpuch

City Council rules beaches free on weekends

Elise Goulding, Staff Writer August 16, 2021

In an Evanston City Council meeting on May 24, it was decided that Evanston beaches would be free on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of every week for Evasnton residents. This was first brought to City Council...