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On March 12, 2020, ETHS closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic: a shutdown that was originally supposed to be two weeks. Two weeks became two months, which became almost two years of quarantine.

Four years in replay: the moments that shaped the Class of 2023

As graduation caps fly into the air on May 21, four years accumulate into a single moment. 902 students gather on stage, diplomas in hand, ready to take the next step. Throughout its time at ETHS, the...

Class of 2023 map

Class of 2023 map

May 11, 2023

Bradley University Kimarha Chanlatte Harvey Newcomb Columbia College-Chicago Mariah Gordon Samuel Kuhrman Alden Rathburn Ayanna Rayfield DePaul University Adil Alibhai Luca Berley Athena...

Photos courtesy of Omar Brown

‘More than just a basketball league’

Jilian Denlow, Feature Editor April 20, 2023

Saturday mornings at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center are nothing short of electric. This facility serves as the Fifth Ward’s local recreation center and holds the title as the oldest standing community...

Camp Kuumba: the launching point to success

Camp Kuumba: the launching point to success

Isaac Suarez Flint, Staff Writer April 20, 2023

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, Ryan Allen Bost walked across the stage at the Welsh-Ryan Arena to receive his diploma from Evanston Township High School. A star of the ETHS basketball team, Bost tallied over...

Art by Kupunoli Sumi

Piling up: peer pressure pervades teenage experience

Jessica Sehgal and Meg Houseworth April 20, 2023

Teens in the ‘80s and ‘90s may be eerily familiar with the infamous catchphrase: “Just Say No.” On Sept. 14, 1986, former First Lady Nancy Reagan launched this widespread campaign in a nationwide...

Blake Peters. Picture by Jonah Charlton.

‘Anything is possible:’ Blake Peters’ journey from ETHS to the Sweet 16

Owen Chiss and Will Klearman March 23, 2023
Blake Peters is no stranger to clutching up in the biggest of moments. So when he stepped on the court in the second half of last Sunday's Round of 32 contest against Missouri, he was ready. 17 points and one more giant upset for the Cinderella 15-seed Princeton Tigers later, and Peters could add another moment to his long list of clutch performances: helping his team to the Sweet 16.
A historical tug of war

A historical tug of war

In 1969, then-senior Hecky Powell marched 250 students through ETHS’ Heritage Hall that runs right through the center of the building. Students from all walks of life parked outside of the Superintendent's...

The Evanstonians guide to 2023 school board elections

The Evanstonian’s guide to 2023 school board elections

March 15, 2023

As election season in Evanston approaches, many have announced their candidacy for various school board positions within the community. District 202, home to Evanston Township High School, and District...

The Evanstonians guide to the 2023 Second and Ninth Ward elections

The Evanstonian’s guide to the 2023 Second and Ninth Ward elections

March 15, 2023

The process for Evanston's 2023 Municipal Elections is well underway. The last municipal election in Evanston was in 2021, with 11 spots up for grabs. This year, the election will only have two positions...

Art by Isaac Suarez Flint

Shaped by the past, crafting a more just future in Evanston and beyond for Native Americans

Isaac Suarez Flint and Milo Slevin February 27, 2023
Like any American college town, Evanston is a reflection of the university it houses, with Northwestern significantly impacting economic, social and residential development within the community. While Northwestern and Evanston share similar values and priorities, they also share a history of Indigenous erasure, in part, because of both establishments’ direct connections to John Evans. 
Art by Jillian Arnyai

Cycles of shame: How culture, family, social media influence dietary mindsets

By Jessica Sehgal, Bridget Baker, Marin Ubersox, Paula Hlava, Zoe Kaufman, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers February 7, 2023
Society has stigmatized the simple act of eating food. Generational cycles, social media and pressure from others have caused many to struggle with eating.
Photo courtesy of Emma Thomas

Evanston’s Best Restaurants

January 27, 2023
Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Evanston. All places that are equally renowned for their exquisite cuisine, widely regarded as the four food capitals of the world. Journey through downtown Evanston and experience a symphony of scintillating smells and tantalizing tastes from Evanston's many five-star restaurants (citation needed). If you want to experience true joy, taste the face of God, then go to Evanston, specifically these four restaurants.
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