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Blake Peters. Picture by Jonah Charlton.

‘Anything is possible:’ Blake Peters’ journey from ETHS to the Sweet 16

Owen Chiss and Will Klearman March 23, 2023
Blake Peters is no stranger to clutching up in the biggest of moments. So when he stepped on the court in the second half of last Sunday's Round of 32 contest against Missouri, he was ready. 17 points and one more giant upset for the Cinderella 15-seed Princeton Tigers later, and Peters could add another moment to his long list of clutch performances: helping his team to the Sweet 16.
A historical tug of war

A historical tug of war

In 1969, then-senior Hecky Powell marched 250 students through ETHS’ Heritage Hall that runs right through the center of the building. Students from all walks of life parked outside of the Superintendent's...

The Evanstonians guide to 2023 school board elections

The Evanstonian’s guide to 2023 school board elections

March 15, 2023

As election season in Evanston approaches, many have announced their candidacy for various school board positions within the community. District 202, home to Evanston Township High School, and District...

The Evanstonians guide to the 2023 Second and Ninth Ward elections

The Evanstonian’s guide to the 2023 Second and Ninth Ward elections

March 15, 2023

The process for Evanston's 2023 Municipal Elections is well underway. The last municipal election in Evanston was in 2021, with 11 spots up for grabs. This year, the election will only have two positions...

Art by Isaac Suarez Flint

Shaped by the past, crafting a more just future in Evanston and beyond for Native Americans

Isaac Suarez Flint and Milo Slevin February 27, 2023
Like any American college town, Evanston is a reflection of the university it houses, with Northwestern significantly impacting economic, social and residential development within the community. While Northwestern and Evanston share similar values and priorities, they also share a history of Indigenous erasure, in part, because of both establishments’ direct connections to John Evans. 
Art by Jillian Arnyai

Cycles of shame: How culture, family, social media influence dietary mindsets

By Jessica Sehgal, Bridget Baker, Marin Ubersox, Paula Hlava, Zoe Kaufman, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers February 7, 2023
Society has stigmatized the simple act of eating food. Generational cycles, social media and pressure from others have caused many to struggle with eating.
Photo courtesy of Emma Thomas

Evanston’s Best Restaurants

January 27, 2023
Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Evanston. All places that are equally renowned for their exquisite cuisine, widely regarded as the four food capitals of the world. Journey through downtown Evanston and experience a symphony of scintillating smells and tantalizing tastes from Evanston's many five-star restaurants (citation needed). If you want to experience true joy, taste the face of God, then go to Evanston, specifically these four restaurants.
Photo courtesy of Jessica Sehgal

In Senior Night loss, girls hockey still gives ‘110 percent’

Jessica Sehgal, Executive Editor January 22, 2023

Going up against Glenbrook—a team that ETHS girls hockey has matched up twice before with, one game resulting in a loss and the other a tie—already evoked pressure on the Kits Saturday night. On top...

Illustration by Aiyana Jehan

Just a 30-minute cab ride away: An inside look at North Cook Young Adult Academy

Jian Kramer couldn’t remember how that pocket knife even got there in the first place, but now it sat in the palm of the safety officer's hand, staring Kramer back in the face: a mindless error that would change the course of his entire high school education.
Student Voice Forum brings out opportunity for students to share their concerns with school policy

Student Voice Forum brings out opportunity for students to share their concerns with school policy

Tarek Anthony, Staff Writer December 12, 2022
The seventh-annual Student Voice Forum was aimed at allowing students to express their opinions and concerns to school administrators about a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to school cafeteria policies, school safety, tardiness policies, equity for LGBTQA+ students, race and equity, as well as talks on how to cultivate better student-teacher relationships. 
High school students who dont have any social media accounts are increasingly rare.

Offline: Avoiding social media in an ever-connected world

Isabella Martinez and Tanya Weisman November 14, 2022

Some may feel juggling school, clubs, and relationships challenging when having a constant distraction in their pocket. “When I had TikTok, I would sit there for a couple of hours at a time without...

Photo courtesy of Kupunoli Sumi

Technological troubles in teaching: how mobile devices affect education, ETHS

The years following the pandemic saw a large uptick in students' addiction to technology, specifically cell phones. Technology had been one of the only things that allowed people to connect with each other even when everyone was stuck at home, and many teachers have noticed the increase in technological use that students endured remotely has translated into the classroom setting. The new phone policy attempts to curb that addiction.
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