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Opinion | LGBTQ+ summit could’ve focused more on intersectionality

Marin Ubersox, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

The 2022 ETHS LGBTQ+ summit was relatively well-received. Most students enjoyed the seminars and the drag show, along with the rich sense of community felt throughout the day. However, some students felt...

Photo courtesy of Allison Lemmon

Girls lacrosse uses team community to their advantage

Fiona Vosper, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

After ending its 2021 season with only two losses, one to New Trier and one to Loyola Academy, the girls lacrosse team is anticipating a very successful 2022 season. Many new faces joined the varsity...

Illustration by Leah Brieva

Opinion | Teachers need to implement 504 plans better

Sophia Sherman, Assistant Sports Editor April 18, 2022

On Dec. 6, 2022, an ETHS sophomore was stressed. COVID-19 cases were at their peak, school was more challenging than ever, and it felt like there was nothing they could do to elevate this anxiety. As the...

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Brooks

Baseball jumps out to strong start with exciting opening game against OPRF

Eli Bachochin, Owen Chiss, Staff Writers April 18, 2022

Before Evanston brought in current head Coach Frank Consiglio, we weren't known for having a particularly strong baseball program. But since his hiring in 2007, and with a completely revamped coaching...

Illustration by Sabrina Barnes

Stress and substances: the supports in place for students in Evanston

Teenagers are living in an entirely different reality. Despite sarcastic connotations that may frequently accompany that phrase, research suggests that it may be true in some ways. Dopamine, sometimes...

Powerlifters compete at first competition since COVID-19 began

Christopher Vye, Sports Editor April 18, 2022

On Sat. Apr. 2, the ETHS Barbell Club competed in its first competition of the year: the Titan Regional, held at Glenbrook South. In addition to the meet being the club’s first contest this year, it...

Opinion | Evanston must protect young, female employees

Alexis Rogers, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

Trigger warning: This article references cases of sexual assault and harassment.  In the summer of 2020, over 50 female lifeguards and employees working at Evanston beaches submitted a petition alleging...

Girls water polo celebrates win over rival New Trier

Eva Sondgeroth, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

After coming back from an overall great season last year, finishing 16-8, the girls water polo team is hoping to accomplish even more this year.  With the team cranking the heat up as the end of the...

After string of losses, softball is motivated for future successes

Christopher Vye, Sports Editor April 18, 2022

Despite its first game being scheduled for Mar. 19, the girls softball team didn’t actually end up playing together until Apr. 2 because of cancelled games over inclement weather. “It’s been rainy...

Opinion | Students take on the weight of the environmental crisis

Leah Johnson, Aaliya Weheliye, Staff Writers April 18, 2022

On Friday, April 22, more than 193 countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day, a holiday established in 1970 to draw international attention toward protecting our homes. Among the study body here...

Opinion | Discrepancies between sports and “fangirl” fan culture

Linnea Mayo, Opinion Editor March 18, 2022

Discrepancy amongst sports and “fangirl” fan culture  When you’re a fan of something, whether that be a sports fan or artist, it becomes easy to be fueled by passion and excitement as you cheer...

Opinion | ETHS must convert to local, sustainable food

Max Low, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

With the rise of social media in recent years, the commodification and polarization of information has become a staple of American culture. Debates that were once held in private campuses are now being...