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Opinion | Taking away tracking tests makes math classes in D65, at ETHS more equitable

Hazel Hayes, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Every sixth grader entering District 65 schools takes a “tracking” test, to decide whether their mathematical abilities show that they would be able to thrive in an advanced course. This type of test...

Illustration by Kupu Sumi

Opinion | Mindfulness needs to become a main part of ETHS culture

Maddie Molotia March 18, 2022

COVID-19- has brought its fair share of struggles to the table. Two major and conspicuous challenges many of us share, more or less thanks to COVID-19-19, are anxiety and depression.  Due to the isolation...

Opinion | Winter always proves to be the most difficult season for students

Marin Ubersox, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

After a tumultuous winter break, ETHS students have attempted to return to normalcy during the third quarter. However, the transition back to school was not easy for many; between heavy workloads, awful...

Illustration by Sophie Yang

Banished and embellished: an analysis of appropriate content in high schools

Lauren Dain, Jessica Sehgal, Meg Houseworth, Bridget Baker, Lydah Coates, Zoe Kaufman, Calliope Green, Executive Editor, In-Depth Editor, Assistant In-Depth Editor, Staff Writers March 18, 2022

It is undeniable that schools are formative places for young people. The lessons taught within academic institutions leave a mark on students at their most impressionable ages. There is a gravity in the...

Illustration by Sophie Yang

Opinion | SEL surveys don’t capture depth of student experience

Charlotte Geyskens, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Social Emotional Learning surveys, or SELs, have become a staple of PE classes at ETHS. On Mondays, during 33-minute classes, students take surveys about mental health and coping mechanisms.  The administration...

Opinion | WiSTEM pushes back against sexism in science

Opinion | WiSTEM pushes back against sexism in science

Ella Gutowski, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Throughout history, women have been underrepresented in STEM jobs and fields. Numbers of women in the STEM workforce have been on the rise, but progress has been slow, and according to the U.S Census,...

Opinion | CARP would protect Evanston from climate change

Milo Slevin , Staff Writer March 18, 2022

“What inspires people to be involved in climate action?”  Senior and climate activist Nathaniel Orlov-Mayer said that his motivation is “fear. I just feel like I have to do something.”  Climate...

Evanston falls to Glenbrook South in the sectional semi-finals, ending their season

Owen Chiss, Staff Writer March 4, 2022

Despite winning four games in a row coming into Tuesday night’s battle with Glenbrook South, the Kits ultimately fell 69-53, against a team in the Titans that is seemingly a real competitor for the Class...

Illustration by Kupu Sumi

Opinion | Metal detectors would not serve their purpose at ETHS

Maddie Molotla, Staff Writer February 28, 2022

Following December’s lockdown, a new topic has hastened its way through ETHS amongst students, teachers, administrators and, most notably, parents and guardians: metal detectors.  On Dec. 16, 2021,...

Opinion | COVID-19 has altered the scholarship game for student-athletes

Kamau Ransom, Staff Writer February 28, 2022

For so many decades, athletes have had the opportunity to go to college for free or on some kind of beneficial athletic financial aid. In a normal world on average, only about two percent of high school...

Image courtesy of ETHS Athletics

Chess team breaks seed, captures third-place finish at State

Lauren Dain, Executive Editor February 28, 2022

The ETHS Chess team was seeded fifth upon entering the Illinois State Chess tournament, held on Feb. 11-12. However, the team proved predictions wrong, breaking seed and ultimately placing third.  “I...

Boys swimming overcomes adversity, triumphs at sectionals

Sophia Sherman, Assistant Sports Editor February 28, 2022

Look at practically any freshman or sophomore on the ETHS boys swimming team, and you’ll notice one thing missing: their hair. With the return of a full season, the Kits have reinstated their most prized...