Zunamon plans Israel gap year


Senior Jane Zunamon will be following her instincts and heading for Israel this fall.
“I needed a break from formal education and I also have no idea what I want to do with my future so I felt that a gap year was a good idea for me,” Jane says about her decision.
For her new experience, Jane was aided through a program called Young Judaea: Year Course. This program specifically appealed to her because of its location in Israel.
“I chose this place because this past June I went there [Israel] and really fell in love with the country. I’m Jewish so I have more of a connection but the country is just awesome and being able to spend a whole year there I thought ‘sign me up!’”
Although she will be miles away, her positivity and excitement shine through.
“I look forward to literally everything about the year. I am so excited to learn Hebrew and meet all these new people. Also just to have possibly one of the best experiences I’ll ever have in my life,” says Jane.