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Senior Secrets

Senior Secrets

Linwan Lewis, In-Depth Editor May 29, 2015

The halls of ETHS are filled with senior secrets. Some students had the courage to share them with us. "I haven't read a single book in all my four years. Sparknotes, you da real MVP." "I snuck swear...

ETHS bids a fond farewell to…

May 29, 2015

Pam Baumgartner  By Maria Seibold and Chloe Roberts Art Teacher and Entertainment Editor Some people have their work husband or work wife, well Pam Baumgartner is my work Life! We became...

Jason Mondragon ready to join U.S. Marine Corps

Jason Mondragon ready to join U.S. Marine Corps

Camille Allen, News Editor May 28, 2015

While other students head off to college or take a gap year, Senior Jason Mondragon will be fighting a different battle: joining the infantry of the Marines. “I always love a challenge. I thought...

SAm Brewer smiles for a photo in the BCC.

Sam Brewer to explore multiple parts of South America

Emma Dzwierzynski, Feature Writer May 27, 2015

Lots of students take a mental health day at some time during the school year, but senior Sam Brewer will be taking a year off from school to explore other interests. “I think if I had to go do...

Kiley Leff points to South Africa on a map.

Kiley Leff will take on South Africa before college

Emma Dzwierzynski, Feature Writer May 27, 2015

This summer when students will be packing for college, senior Kiley Leff will instead be packing for South Africa. “First semester I’m working at an orphanage for underprivileged youth. It’s...

Ezra Garfield enjoys his travels.

Ezra Garfield plans gap year focused on outdoor adventure

, Feature Writer May 27, 2015

Senior Ezra Garfield will be expanding his horizons while working and travelling in South America this coming year. “I wanted to do something that was not related to school or academic learning, just...

Linwan Lewis enjoys the summer.

Linwan Lewis travels to Slovakia to be au pair

Emma Dzwierzynski, Feature Writer May 27, 2015

While most students continue on to college or a job in the US, senior Linwan Lewis will be working, but not in just any ordinary place. “Next year I’m going to Slovakia as an au pair and I’m going...

Bigger is better: Promposal season begins

Samantha Idler, News Editor May 1, 2015

The dress, hair, makeup and tuxedo will not be the only thing contributing to the high expenses of prom; new studies show that the way a person is asked to prom- often known as a promposal- is one-third...

8 questions for Kweku Collins

Jane Mather-Glass, Feature Editor May 1, 2015

Next time you see senior Kweku Collins in the hallway, high five him and congratulate him on his recent record deal. His lifelong interest in music has helped develop his path to this point. With a career...

Becoming Us

Emma Dzwierzynski, Feature Editor May 1, 2015

Most students with an LGBT parent probably wouldn’t be eager to talk about it, but junior Ben Lehwald has agreed to star in a documentary series on ABC to provide guidance about living with a transitioning...

More than a sub Brownstein’s life outside of ETHS

Jane Mather-Glass, Feature Editor March 30, 2015

Chances are, if you’ve had a substitute teacher at some point during your ETHS career, you’ve walked into a classroom and met Bill Brownstein. The current sub taught for 36 ½ years before coming to...