Senior Secrets

Senior Secrets

The halls of ETHS are filled with senior secrets. Some students had the courage to share them with us.

“I haven’t read a single book in all my four years. Sparknotes, you da real MVP.”

“I snuck swear words into every one of my papers here at Evanston without teachers noticing.”

“I eat in the MRC.”

I had a pet goldfish in my locker freshman year.”

“I peed in a Gatorade bottle on the bus on the way to a volleyball tournament, two rows behind Coach Mac.”

“People filmed me with their phones when I got stuck behind the cage in the bathroom freshman year.”

“I jumped off the slide near my house and sprained my ankle just to get out of the PACER my first time freshman year.”

“I once ate a giant marshmallow off the floor of Mr. DuBrow’s classroom.”

“I’m a Republican.”

“I’ve been on the roof many, many times.”

“Me and a couple friends silly stringed and toothpasted a guys car junior year.”