8 questions for Kweku Collins

Next time you see senior Kweku Collins in the hallway, high five him and congratulate him on his recent record deal. His lifelong interest in music has helped develop his path to this point. With a career in music in front of him, Kweku has high hopes for the future.
1. Q: How long have you been interested in music? A: Since I was a baby. My dad’s a musician.
2. Q: Was there something that pushed you to start writing? A: My mom. Well, both my parents actually, they’re both writers and really into literature and stuff like that.
3. Q: Who are your musical inspirations? A: Sade, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Kendrick Lamar, and then contemporary hip hop.
4. Q: Who has been the most supportive throughout this process? A: Most supportive has definitely been my close friends, and my lady.
5. Q: You were on the slam poetry team­­did that have an influence on your writing? A: No, I’ve been into music before I joined the team, but it definitely helped me become a better lyricist.
6. Q: What might people find you doing in your free time? A: Skating, mostly.
7. Q: What does your plan look like for next year? A: I’ll be working and traveling.
8. Q: Had you always planned on a career in music, or was that a recent decision? A: I’d always planned on it. School was like the second choice.kweku-collins cutout