Linwan Lewis travels to Slovakia to be au pair


Linwan Lewis enjoys the summer.

linwanlewiswebWhile most students continue on to college or a job in the US, senior Linwan Lewis will be working, but not in just any ordinary place.

“Next year I’m going to Slovakia as an au pair and I’m going to be taking care of a family’s two kids,” says Linwan.

“I’m going to be teaching at the older child’s school and I’m also going to be taking a language course,” states Linwan. “When I’m not at school, taking a yoga class, or teaching at the school, I’m going to be taking care of the younger child.”

She came upon this opportunity through her fathers co-worker, who knows a lady that knows the Slovakian family.

Linwan has traveled to many countries already but never alone, and thought the year before college would be the perfect time to do it. “After college, things get so busy, so I wanted to get the opportunity to do it before,” she says. “I love travelling and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.”

After the gap year she wants to resume schooling, but hasn’t decided on a college yet, although she knows that she definitely wants to apply to Occidental College in Los Angeles.

“I’m most excited about learning a new culture. I’m all for travelling and culture, so just being reimbursed in that is exciting,” says Linwan.