Students forgo AP class for AP credit

No AP class, no problem.

Evanston offers a variety of chances to study for AP testing, whether you want to take the class or not. Taking the AP class is an option, however it’s not the only one. Students can also forgo the class altogether and study for the test. Some students don’t take the class because they want to get experience taking the AP test.

 “Basically I’m taking it to gain experience so I can get a feel for what the exams are like,” says Hailey Ledin, sophomore.

Others decide to take AP tests that are not offered at Evanston. Some of these classes include Economics, Japanese, and World History exams at the AP level.

According to Dale Leibforth, AP Recruitment & Retention Coordinator, dependent on the subject, the content in AP classes compared to that of honors classes is a stretch in rigor, coverage, application, pacing, connections, workload, and more.

In addition to studying on your own or with a tutor, there are also opportunities available to study and prepare for exams at ETHS without taking the class.

According to Marybeth O’Mara, history teacher, sophomore students are given the opportunity to take the AP World History exam.

While they cannot take the exam for credit at ETHS, it gives those students a look into how AP exams work. The students meet weekly and receive packets to study from.