Retiring teachers reflect on decades of time at ETHS: Tina Tiziano Dreher


Photo courtesy of Tina Tiziano Dreher

Rosie Witt, Staff Writer

Tina Tiziano Dreher, a longtime ETHS counselor, is retiring this year after 14 years at the high school. While she is sad to conclude her work at the school, she is looking forward to having time to relax. 

“I’m going to miss my colleagues. I’m going to miss coming to this place,” said Tiziano Dreher. “Although, after retiring, you can catch me at the beach. I’m planning on doing a lot of traveling, rest and relaxation.”  

While working at ETHS, Tiziano Dreher has taught and learned a lot from the students she has advised.

“From students that have social-emotional concerns, to students that just want to check in with you and connect with you, to helping them choose their classes, to helping them look at colleges and scholarships. The amount of lives that I’ve really touched has been rewarding and fulfilling,” said Tiziano Dreher. “Just to be part of all that has been incredible.” 

During her time at ETHS, Tiziano Dreher has experienced all kinds of years, each with their own challenges and joys. However, some have stood out more than others.  

“Every year is interesting. COVID definitely stood out to me because it was for a couple of years. That was just crazy. Having to just shut down like that, right on the spot. And then we ended up not coming back for a whole half a year and then another whole school year after that. That’s crazy,” said Tiziano Dreher. “Never in my lifetime have I seen anything like that.”

Although all teachers had to deal with those tough years of school, Tiziano Dreher continued to connect with her students even in those uncertain times.

As part of her job as counselor, Tiziano Dreher has been able to connect with all types of students at ETHS, and values all that she has learned from those interactions.

“At ETHS, I learned to work with diverse student populations,” said Tiziano Dreher. “Being able to connect with students, all kinds of students, from students who are struggling academically, to rock star students that are completely excelling, and then those in between, has been excellent.”

Not only has Tiziano Dreher just worked at ETHS, but she also worked at Round Lake and Highland Park high schools. Throughout her career as a counselor, she greatly appreciated the impact she had on her students.

 “In the ETHS system, it was a very rewarding experience overall for my career and my personal growth. The ability to make a difference in other people’s lives meant the world to me, and they have made a difference in my life, as well.”