Boys bowling continues to struggle

It’s been two years since the boys bowling team has captured a win, and things aren’t looking any better.

The Wildkits will seek their first win this Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove, as they match up against conference foe New Trier. A win against a dominant New Trier team would hopefully serve as a turnaround for the bowling team, and help them succeed.

The Wildkits bowling team, coached by Harold Bailey, have struggled to find success in the recent years. This is mostly due to the small number of athletes that bowling attracts every year. Last year the boys bowling team had a record low five members on the team, with the majority the team being freshman.

Teams such as, New Trier, Maine South, and Glenbrook South have over 15 members on their roster, which comes as a big disadvantage for the Wildkits.

Probably the biggest factor that has held the Wildkits for succeeding is their limited resources. Evanston does not have a bowling alley, and hasn’t had one since outlawing them during prohibition. Today, bowling alleys are allowed in Evanston if given an approved license to obtain one.

Due Evanston not having a bowling alley, the Wildkit bowling team is forced to travel out to Classic Bowl in Morton Grove in order to have matches and practices. Having to travel a substantial distance in order to play is one of the reasons bowling has attracted such a small crowd.