Boys bowling anticipates strong season with added expectations

Michael Barthelemy and Kevin Thomas

The bowling team is looking forward to a striking season this year, as they set higher expectations for themselves than ever before.

“We want to get to that next level,” senior captain Joe Leibforth said. “We’ve been working hard to go from 150-180 score range to the 200 score range.” 

Scoring in the 200s is vital for the team to reach their goals. As the season progresses and the team reaches the heat of the season, they will not just need skill but a coach to lead them to victory.

“Coach Bailey has a growth mindset for the bowling team and knows there’s always room for improvement. He will always find flaws to improve on,” junior Patrick Cawley said.

A strong point of emphasis for Bailey has been getting the team to become more consistent in their play. It’s important for any bowler to be able to count on themselves to reach a certain score, something the team has been struggling with in recent years.

“The biggest thing for us and any bowler is consistency and that’s the biggest thing I want to go over this year,” Bailey explained. “That’s helped us out early on, we were consistent in the beginning, but we need to build up our mental strength.”

In building a state ready team, the most important factors are communication and chemistry. 

“We have strong chemistry and tend to have a good time, so that brings down the pressure,” Leibforth added. “Sometimes we get in our heads, but we have to understand that we’re out here to play for each other.”

As the season is approaching, the team hopes to reach heights they’ve never experienced before. After winter break, you can catch the team as they face off against Grayslake North on Jan. 6 at 4:30 at Classic Bowl.