Girls bowling strikes again

Peter Barbato, Staff writer

With the postseason right around the corner, girls bowling will spare no effort in preparing for conference after rolling through the MLK invite.

This year, our goal is to win conference and also advance as a team to sectionals, which we did last year,” senior captain Anne Porter said. “Winning the MLK invite was definitely a good momentum boost for the team heading into next week.”

The team, made up of two juniors and six seniors, has started on varsity since their freshman years. The bond they’ve built over the past three years shows in matches.

“Having good team chemistry is very important in bowling,” Porter said. “If one bowler is doing well, she motivates her teammates to match a spare covered or a strike. When the team has good energy, we all bowl well, but that starts with one person.”

Although they’ve found success with their experienced, tight-knit team, the Kits have needed younger players to step up when starters dealt with injuries.

“We’ve struggled with keeping our starters healthy this season. In the weeks coming, we’re working to find a schedule that works for each bowler so that everyone is fresh when it matters,” Porter said.

Coming off a strong week of competition against GBN and Vernon Hills, the Kits will hopefully have the momentum boost they need heading into the conference match on Feb.1 at Bowlero “Mt. Prospect” at 9 AM.