Grodzin paves premier path for boys bowling

Chloe Haack, Staff Writer

Senior Zev Grodzin put on quite a show at the IHSA State Finals in O’Fallon, IL with a 59th place finish. Being the only Evanston bowler ever to advance to the final day in the tournament, Grodzin knows the work he has put in for the past four years will truly give the bowling program an advantage for years to come.

“The legacy I want to leave is that I was one of the best bowlers to ever be on the team, and that I inspired the younger guys on the team to get better and keep on bowling,” Grodzin explained.

Grodzin was not the only bowler to advance further into the postseason. Junior Aidan Cella reached the Sectional tournament, but unfortunately was unable to continue on after scoring 200, 228, 205, 191 and 184.

Grodzin has honest confidence in the bowling team for next year, passing his star status on the team down to Cella.

“[Cella] made it to Sectionals with me,” Grodzin explained. “But next year, I think he can make it to state and do well there.”

While Grodzin’s bowling career may be over, it’s evident that the mark he has left won’t be left unnoticed. Grodzin was the second bowler in ETHS history to advance to the State Finals, and he did so despite the fact that he only started bowling his freshman year.

This feat is one that most won’t ever achieve, but Grodzin did it with hardly any prior experience.

“If you put your mind to something, you can achieve it,” Grodzin said.