Girls junior varsity swimming has stellar performance

Watch out.

Girls junior varsity swimming has been consistently winning this season, and by huge margins.

“The success of the JV swim team thus far has been outstanding. The girls have won five of their six competitions so far with only 4 more competitions remaining this season,” says coach Tim Silkaitis.

Even more impressive than their stellar 5-1 record is way they’ve been doing it– all five of their wins are by 40 points or more, including being a 136-20 beatdown of Waukegan on Oct. 16.

“We’ve done pretty well– we’ve won many meets, but even when we’ve lost to a team, we know we’re still on the same level,” says junior Ella Rubenstein.

In addition to the hard work of the swimmers themselves, the coaching of the team has been a main factor in the team’s success. The JV coaching staff consists of the duo of Silkaitis and Jerry Springer. These two coaches have worked in tandem the last three years and have developed a fine-tuned, rigorous training regimen consisting of strength exercises both in and out of the pool, along with varying aerobic and anaerobic training sets.

“This training all comes together so that the girls can perform at their best potential for the upcoming conference meets, “ says Silkaitis.

“The input from the coaches has really helped,” adds junior Amanda Goreel.

The team will next compete at an ETHS hosted conference on Nov. 3 and Nov. 6. Come out and support your Wildkit swimmers!