Fallin’ into season: Cheer

Hailey Fine, Staff Writer

The cheerleaders have been hard at work to show the best school spirit possible for the upcoming season.

“For our first game we are preparing by making sure we have all of the cheers down and memorized so that we can look as clean and together as possible,” junior Grace Whiteside said.

Without competitions this fall the team is able to put all of their energy into cheering at the football games and getting the crowd excited, something vital for bigger games.

“For big games, we have to make sure we are on point and that we show our school spirit on and off the field,” Whiteside said.

There are eight new girls on the varsity team for this upcoming season with the majority of the team being incoming juniors.

“Last year was all about fundamentals,” head coach Crystal Malone said, “However this year, we’re ready to take our stunts to the next level.