Risin into Fall: Cheer

Sophia McCandlish, Assistant Sports Editor

With an incredibly smaller roster this season, the cheer team looks to make the most of their numbers. 

“This season our team is more motivated and focused on improving our skills during the summer, so we can perform our best during the season,” senior Zoe Woitinnek explained. “We have a lot smaller team which I think is a good thing because it allows us to get more stuff done and work closely together closely.” 

Since the team has started to take tumbling classes outside of their everyday practices, excitement intensifies as the season creeps closer. 

“I think we will be able to do more challenging stunts, because there will be less stunt groups,” junior Ma’At Husband-Ausar said. “All of us have improved a lot so we are all really excited about that.”

With the team going from 25 to 15 in two seasons, the team seems to have no negative viewpoints on the smaller roster.

“We can all get the skills quicker rather than having a bigger group, [because with a bigger group] it will take a bit longer for us to get what we are learning,” Husband-Ausar explained.

This season’s advantages severely outweigh the disadvantages in both technique and numbers.

The cheer team looks to put their new tumbling skills to the test at the football season opener where they go head to head against St. Patrick at Lazier at 7:30.