A good fit

Fusion Fitness launches new curriculum



While gym class may be dreaded for some, you’ll always be looking forward to P.E. when you’re in Fusion Fitness.

Fusion Fitness is not a new P.E. class, but it’s been totally revamped. Theresa Patterson, the department chair of Physical and Wellness Education, has been planning the new class since early this summer, according to Beth Ruether, a teacher of the class.

The goal of the class, she says, is “to get kids doing different activities, and to get them more involved, or to find things kids want to do down the road.”

The new updated curriculum includes a large variety of classes such as yoga, cardiovascular activities, spinning, outdoor fitness, aqua fitness, Zumba, and more.

According to Jennifer Foss, another teacher of the class, the curriculum used to be more centered around yoga and some of the other units that it currently has, such as Zumba and kickboxing, but they’re opening it up to a larger variety.

“Fusion fitness is a really fun class because you get to experience a little bit of everything,” says senior Irene Dobbs. “I think the yoga unit will be the most interesting because there’s so many different poses and stretches that you can learn.”

According to a survey from 2011 done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less that 30 percent of high schoolers get in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. This new class will hopefully inspire those who fall under that category to get up and move more often. With so many different activities, students are bound to find a new activity they enjoy and may try out on their own.

The class this year seems to incorporate just what students have been hoping for in past years–many different ways of exercising and staying fit, and finding new opportunities through the class.

The classes take place throughout many different gyms, such as the dance studio, the pool, and the cardio room. This allows everyone to get a very specific workout for the unit that they’re in.

“Yeah, I’d definitely be interested in the class next year,” says Anna Mondschean, a sophomore. “It seems like they’re doing a lot of things that I’d be interested in, and there’s a lot of variety, too.”

The class is open to juniors and seniors, and is a semester long program. So if you’re looking for a new experience in P.E. or you just want to try out some different things, the new and improved Fusion Fitness class is for you. From spinning to swimming, you’re sure to find something that catches your interest.