We need to walk out with pride

We need to walk out with pride

Before you read this, take a second and look at the people around you.

After four years, the Class of 2015 has finally reached one of the last moments of our high school lives. So, amidst all the emotions you feel throughout this day, above all should be pride. Finishing an education at ETHS is a medal that few get to show off. Walking out of these doors for the last time is far more than just a reward, it is a privilege, and wherever your journey takes you, you need to the remember that.

The diversity, the incredibly dedicated teachers, the friendships, the support offered both academically and emotionally, the Friday song, the pep rallies, homecoming, the Safety officers, the theatre program, the sports, and the clubs are all reasons to miss this school. And this small list hardly comes close to what ETHS offers.

Yet what is most special about this school is that we are a community. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, there are always resources for you. ETHS has been and always will be there for us, which is something that everybody should take time to appreciate today.

Every school has its faults, but ETHS uses them as stepping stones to reach new heights. This is a place constantly motivated to make its environment and those who enjoy it better. Evanston is filled with people who come to make a difference and improve the life of every student here every day.

We at the Evanstonian are saddened to leave, but we could not be more filled with gratitude for everything ETHS has done for us. You can put this paper down for good now and thank those around you for making you who you are. This day, and every day after, is a great day to be a Wildkit.