Athletes need more academic support

In past years, ETHS offered the option of an athletic study hall, a period that replaced a varsity athlete’s P.E. class, providing time to do  homework. However, in 2011, ETHS eliminated this opportunity due to the belief that these

athletes would miss important content from class, such as information about how to take care of one’s body.

Even so, the P.E. Dept. should not hold student athletes to the same standards as non-athletes. If a student participates in a sport during the school year, he or she is already getting the daily exercise that P.E. is designated to provide.

The reinstallation of an athletic study hall runs the risk of athletes using the time poorly, but it would also provide athletes with support, minimizing ineligibility if they do use the time wisely. Furthermore, athletes could challenge themselves in the classroom. Today, without the study hall, some athletes hesitate to take challenging classes knowing the difficulty of managing work in-season.

If more athletes are eligible, ETHS will win more on the field, boosting the morale of the student body.

The P.E. Dept. argues that if athletes are not in class, they will miss the curriculum-based portion of P.E. However, if athletes are missing a concept, their study hall advisor can assign appropriate work to fill in the gaps. Thus, students will neither miss key concepts, nor waste time with unnecessary activities.

We at The Evanstonian believe that ETHS should bring back athletic study hall. This could bring great opportunities for athletes, increase overall enrollment in AP and honors courses, and boost school spirit.