Student complaints for homecoming must cease


Trashy, ghetto and ratchet are just a few words that have been used over the years to describe our homecoming celebration. Many have asked for a more formal dance where they could dress up, bring dates and take pictures. And now, in light of Winter Formal being taken away, the demand for a classier event has increased even more. However, if students want a formal dance, they have had multiple chances to pitch their case in front of Student Council.

Our homecoming is casual to assure that all students feel welcome. Not only does it cost less, but it also eliminates the stress of coming with a date. Homecoming, an event for all students, contrasts with exclusive dances like Cotillion or Ebony Ball, where only a fraction of the school is permitted to attend. Although schools like Highland Park and Niles North have formal dances to celebrate homecoming, their dances are heavily attended, whereas at Evanston’s Winter Formal, half of our students left in the first hour.

Yes, many people don’t like homecoming because it is rowdy, hot and crowded. However, students shouldn’t moan about the mosh pit or the uncomfortable aspects of the dance. If we barely want to go to Winter Formal for an hour, then why risk having that be the same case for our biggest celebration of the year?

We at the Evanstonian feel that students should take advantage of our homecoming. It is the practical and proper choice for the ETHS community. Having a week of festivity culminate in a formal dance that is barely attended would be a disappointment. If students express interest in a formal dance, then they should utilize Student Council and make the commitment to enjoy the dance and stay longer. But for now, we have a great compromise for a homecoming dance, and we must quit the complaining.