ETHS pushes students farther with technology

ETHS pushes students farther with technology

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Teenagers spend almost 8 hours in front of screens per day, but that isn’t always a bad thing here at ETHS.

Whether through smartboards, laptop carts, software updates, and of course, freshmen chromebooks, Evanston has officially marked its presence as a high-tech school. But this should only be the beginning, with more time, money and resources put into technological advancement.

Chromebooks have helped improve overall work ethic. Students are constantly in a process of drafting papers and editing their work. Sharing on Google Docs has taught collaboration and Google Hangouts has allowed students to come to class when they were sick.

And yet even though last year’s class of 2014 did not have chromebooks, they still had the highest ACT scores recorded in ETHS history. And the seniors this year have taken a record number of AP classes. Evanston is thriving and we’re all lucky enough to be in the heart of its progress.

Although there has been concern that today’s people may be spending an excessive amount of time in front of screens, ETHS has successfully harnessed that screen time to merge technology and education.

We at the Evanstonian feel that ETHS is doing a great job and should continue their search for new ways to teach students both online and in the classroom. We look forward to see what the future holds, technologically speaking.