Our PE classes need to be more active

Our current Physical Education (PE) program is just not working out.

Students are receiving inadequate physical activity. However, teachers and administrators aren’t completely at fault.

A recent study by NBC showed that during the average American PE class, kids are only working for 16 minutes of the recommended 45 minute class. They spend most of their time sitting around, ultimately defeating the purpose of the class.

Four years of PE is mandated by the state to graduate. Ideally, Illinois thinks that this requirement will ingrain students with a mindset to stay active and lead a healthier life. However, the cracks in this initiative are finally giving in, and something needs to change.

If PE is going to be a part of our GPA, we should at least ensure that it is worth our while. It is unfair that a student’s overall transcript could be affected if they miss a day of standing around when their grade is based off of physical movement.

With recent talks in the media about body image and being healthy rather than thin, ETHS should make more of an effort to participate in that conversation. Wellness class sophomore year is great, but physical activity is wasted and so is the idea of health and fitness.

We at the Evanstonian feel that the school should put more emphasis on PE and ensure the class is actually increasing cardiovascular endurance. We agree that exercise is just as important as math or history. Therefore, we need to improve the PE curriculum so that it is up to par with the rest of our educational system.image1