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Local newspapers documented the push and pull between the groups in favor of District 65 Superintendent Gregory Coffin and his integration plan and those who wanted him removed from his position.

‘White frames of reference, “white is right” conclusions’: How integrating Evanston’s District 65 divided the city

Maddie Coyle, Ahania Soni, Amy Grill and Kamau Ransom January 28, 2022
Gregory Coffin. A name that was once synonymous with hope, with a bright future for our kids—a nationally renowned educator singled out for his success. That name has now slipped away into obscurity. How did the shift from the only educator featured in Who’s Who in America to a name you can only find in old newspaper archives occur? And more specifically, why did it happen in Evanston? 
Since its founding, Evanston has been shaped by those in favor of a segregated town and those who have pushed Evanston to be more equitable and accepting.

‘Microcosm of the world’: Evanston as a political ‘proving ground’

Meg Houseworth, Jojo Wertheimer and Jilian Denlow January 28, 2022
Evanston was shaped by both perpetrators and trailblazers, all of whom played an instrumental role in forming the city we call home. From real estate practices to voting tendencies, Evanston functions in the ways that it does as a result of its history with civic engagement and local policy choices. 
When Foster School oepned, it featured an all-white student body. Over the next half century, the demographics shifted entirely, with the school featuring an all-Black student population by the 1950s.

‘It was a pillar’: Examining legacy of Evanston’s former Fifth Ward school

Evanstonians remember Foster School, a site of communal strength, and later, desegregation hardships has recently become a focus for discussions regarding race relations in Evanston.
Evanstonians, ETHS community members reflect on opportunity gap, efforts to detrack at ETHS

Evanstonians, ETHS community members reflect on opportunity gap, efforts to detrack at ETHS

Over the years, ETHS has been consistently scrutinized for its opportunity gap. However, it wasn’t until 2010 when action was taken to detrack select ETHS courses. Despite the process continuing today, much controversy remains. 
Illustration by Lila Portis

The foundation of Northwestern and Evanston’s bond: a history of partnerships and conflict

Lauren Dain, Sophia Sherman and Jared Tucker January 28, 2022
Since the founding of Northwestern, the North Shore has established itself as a community built on moral values associated with the religious and intellectual influences of the university. 

A ‘tremendous’ divide: tracking exacerbates opportunity gap at ETHS

January 28, 2022

Stepping into the halls of Evanston Township High School circa 1992, one would find themselves briefly submerged in the high school’s forever-favorite advertisement: a “melting pot” of students,...

Amidst controversy, tracked classes remain

January 28, 2022

Despite Alson’s best efforts, racism via tracking continued to prevail. Lower expectations of academic success materialized through the same courses offered in varying degrees of rigor and “intelligence.” ...

‘Foster School was a pillar’: honoring the legacy of Foster School

January 28, 2022

Closely following the closure of Foster School and the move of Martin Luther King Jr. Laboratory School into the Second Ward, families throughout Evanston had different reactions to the educational changes.  “I...

Formative years of Northwestern led to the founding, growth of Evanston

January 28, 2022

Evanston and Northwestern University’s history is so entangled and intertwined, it is easy to forget which was the predecessor. However, Northwestern has asserted its dominance and control of the North...

Mobilization of a city

Jilian Denlow, Assistant Feature Editor January 28, 2022

 The racial disparities that appear at the basis of Evanston’s institutions are commonly attributed to the presence of prejudicial behavior within the housing market. Often viewed as an indication of...

‘A Negative Attitude’: Desegregation harms Fifth Ward residents

January 28, 2022

With Foster School set to establish a kindergarten center in the fall of 1966, one of the main goals was to adapt a program that would entice white parents through curating curriculum centered around students’...

Illustration by Aiyana Jehan

Building upon the history that has shaped our city: The Evanstonian staff’s commitment to equity and growth

January 28, 2022

As The Evanstonian’s staff, we want to thank our readers for their commitment and engagement with this issue. Throughout our process, we have come to value Evanston’s history so deeply, and we hope...

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