High school friends turn college roommates

Harry Porter and Joe Epler, good friends at ETHS, will be rooming next year at University of Wisconsin.

Harry Porter and Joe Epler, good friends at ETHS, will be rooming next year at University of Wisconsin.

Ella Kanter and Sofie Kennedy

Harry Porter and Joe Epler have been friends since kindergarten. Next fall, they will continue the friendship streak by rooming together at the University of Wisconsin. They are looking forward to entering college with a friend, and spending more quality time together.

“It’s gonna be really nice to room with one of my closest friends. It will make it easier to get used to school and also make new friends. I’m going to look forward to hanging out with him all of the time,” Harry Porter says.

Jenna Kent and Katie Sullivan are escaping the awkwardness of living with a stranger by rooming together at George Washington University next fall. They trust each other and are comfortable with each other. Jenna and Katie are excited to decorate their dorm together and sit next to each other on the flight home.

Jenna Kent and Katie Sullivan

“We’re not crazy close so it’s not gonna be weird, and at the same time, I know she’s not a psychopath,” Katie Sullivan says.

Adrian Bytyqi and Van Rutter have decided to room together next year at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign because they didn’t want their freshman experience to be yet another horror story about clashing roommates. They have known each other for 10 years, and motivate each other well.

“We’re looking forward to goofing around, and finding a balance between fun and school,” Van Rutter says.

In the craze of searching for a roommate, Caitlin Strickland and Hana Hofeld realized that they would both be attending Elon University next fall. After texting a good amount, they decided to room together in order to avoid the clashing of opinions and values that may come about while rooming with a stranger in the South.

Caitlin Strickland and Hana Hofeld.

“Being a person of color going to a southern university, I was a little nervous about randomizing a roommate. This way, I am super comfortable and excited for what’s to come,” Caitlin Strickland says.

Twins Trey and Drew Dawkins know exactly what it’s like to live with one another, and have decided to continue to room together next year at Denison University for football. Dawkins is organized, and Trey helps Drew with school work. Additionally, Dawkins is looking forward to having his laundry done by Trey.

Trey and Drew Dawkins.

“We know each other so well, so it’s kind of a given that we wouldn’t end up having a bad roommate,” Dawkins says.