Bowling rolls into match against New Trier on Nov. 29

Joey Eovaldi, Sports Editor

Right up their alley.

Girls bowling is getting into midseason form as they prepare to strike New Trier on Nov. 29 and win back “The Pin.”

“With the combined talent and experience we have on the team now, we have a great opportunity in front of us,” coach Austin “Sugar” Ray said. “We have a chance to beat New Trier for the first time in the last seven games.”

The last time the Kits beat the Trevians dates back four seasons, but Evanston holds the advantage in the all-time record, 9-7; they won the first nine games of the series when bowling became a sport at ETHS in 2009.

Sugar Ray is in his eighth year as head coach and helped start the tradition of The Pin in 2009.

The Pin is similar to The Hydrant, which is passed back and forth between Evanston and New Trier boys soccer, awarded to the winner of each game. The Pin is a bowling pin that is decorated by the winners of each game, decked out in the school colors.

Junior captain Zoe Landolt thinks the Kits will bring The Pin back to Evanston this year. Landolt is excited to lead her team into battle on Nov. 29 at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove, which happens to be the home of both the Wildkits and the Trevians.

“This team is really close-knit, fun, energetic, and competitive when it counts,” Landolt said. “With some great sophomore bowlers this year, both the experience and talent levels are high, so I think we’re in great position (to beat New Trier).”

Sophomore bowlers Riley Hays, Anne Porter and Asya Wright are each heading into their second year on the team, all coming off successful first years.

“A huge difference about this team is our dedication and effort,” senior Kierra Abrams said. “We could do something special this year with this group.”

The Kits know it won’t be easy to take down the Trevians, as they have many returning bowlers who qualified for Sectionals last year. But the Kits also have returning Sectional bowlers in Landolt and Porter.

Landolt’s top score of 221 and Abrams top score of 180 provide the Kits with the confidence they need to take down the Trevians and win back “The Pin.”

With this focus, talent and experience the Sectional bowlers bring to the team, the Kits are ready to win some tournaments, perform in the postseason, and do something that hasn’t been in four years: paint The Pin orange and blue.