Bowling team tries to turn around their season at CSL Tournament

Eli Hartman-Seeskin, Sports Reporter

Bowling may have suffered a rough 1-11 start to the season, but the team is trying to unite in time to make a mark in the CSL conference tournament tomorrow, Dec. 17 at Classic Bowl in Morton Grove.

“I don’t worry about our record,” captain Jake Rubin said. “In the end, everyone will get a chance to compete for sectionals and state.”

If the team can overcome some unforeseen obstacles, then they will be in a better position to meet coach Bailey’s high pre-season expectations.

“We are still trying to bring it together as a team,” coach Harold Bailey said.

Highly anticipated freshman Joe Leibforth, who performed brilliantly in preseason, has had difficulties in the regular season.

“He’s finding that league play is different than tournaments, and he’s working hard to overcome his lack of experience,” Bailey said.

However, despite Leibforth struggles, Bailey vehemently denied that the freshman is in danger of losing his spot on varsity.

Another setback has been the injury to captain Jake Rubin, who recently injured his finger.

“I had a pinched nerve in my wrist,” Rubin said. “I wasn’t able to feel my ring and middle fingers, but I fought through it.”

This is welcomed news, after rumors swirled that the junior would be unable to play for the rest of the season.

“Our team isn’t bad, we just aren’t consistent,” Rubin said. “Everyone on the team knows what they are capable of, but not everyone achieves it.”

As the season continues, the team must simultaneously prepare for regionals aswell as the CSL conference tournament tomorrow.

“We are hosting seven team for both varsity and junior varsity levels,” Bailey said. “Bowlers will be vying for the conference trophy and individual medals.”

However the pressure will not let up after the tournament. “We only have another week after winter break to prepare for regionals,” Bailey said.

Despite the team’s struggles, the future is bright. The team’s win over Deerfield was the first match the team has won in Coach Bailey’s five year tenure.

“This team is a work in progress,” Rubin admitted. “But we look so much better than we did two years ago.”

None of the varsity team will be graduating after this season, and several younger players have been making varsity appearances throughout the season. For both the bowling team and it’s fans, there is much to be excited for, both in the coming days and weeks, as well as next season.