Dawkins brothers use family connection on the field


Trey, Byron, and Drew Dawkins have created a legacy at ETHS

Chris Werner, Sports Editor

While many teams aim to treat their teammates like family, the Dawkins brothers have taken this idea quite literally.

“That’s my own flesh and blood, I trust him,” junior quarterback Drew Dawkins explained. “He was my center freshman year and has grown a lot since then. I know he’s good, that’s why I have faith in him.”

This brotherly bond has helped them fully trust each other, which clearly translates to their game. Drew and Trey are able to play their own positions without having to worry about whether or not each other will be playing their role on the field.

“I need to do my job and protect him so that he can play to the best of his abilities,” junior left tackle Trey Dawkins said.

Their hard work and good attitude has helped the Dawkins twins succeed both on and off the field.

“Their work ethic and their attitude every day is what excites me about them,” coach Mike Burzawa said. “They come to work every day and they do the right thing at school, they work hard in athletics and they’ve got a great attitude. They understand the game and they are great competitors.”

The eldest Dawkins brother, Byron, graduated in 2011 and was the starting quarterback for the Kits his junior and senior year. This season, Byron plays an important role on the coaching staff this year as an assistant coach for the sophomore squad, and the quarterback coach for all teams. For Byron, coming back to ETHS has been a great experience.

“Coming back is awesome. I love it. There’s no place I’d rather be than at my old high school,” Byron Dawkins said.

Coach Buzz knew that Byron would be a great addition to the coaching staff, and could help his players a lot.

“When Byron graduated, I got the opportunity to hire him as a coach, I jumped at the opportunity,” Burzawa said. “He understood the game very well and it pays for itself when you can share your own experiences with somebody else.”

Drew said, “Byron is easy to talk to and he helps with reading defenses. He has played Evanston football before so he knows what to expect in games.”

This season, the Dawkins brothers can finally be all together on the field: two as players and one as a coach.