Boys lacrosse not worried about Trevian strength

Although New Trier is coming off of back-to-back state championships, boys lacrosse will stick to their game plan and remain confident about the upcoming Trevian matchup on April 28.

“We’ll doctor it up for [New Trier],” said coach Justin Porter. “We’ve got a game plan. We’re going to come with something else, something different to throw them off, but whatever we do it’s going to be our game, our style, our tempo — it’s going to be us all the time.”

Along with Porter and his new coaching staff came a whole new system of play when he was introduced to the ETHS program. The front part of the season has been about learning, adjusting to, and getting on board with the new plan of attack.

“From the beginning of the season, the team has come a long way learning the new system under coach Porter,” said sophomore midfielder Jacob Griffin. “We are slowly coming together as a team but we haven’t nearly reached our full potential. I have no doubt that coach Porter will get us there.”

Success has come this year when the team is able to “control the controllables” as Porter says, which means that they need to worry about themselves and what they can control instead of worrying about things out of their power. Sticking to their game plan and buying into the new system has led to victories. But the trouble comes when the team starts to revert back to the old Evanston ways.

“In years past, guys have started to point fingers and complain, instead of owning up to their responsibilities, and being able to face the consequences that come when you make mistakes,” Porter said. “But when we can put all of that aside, we’re doing a good job of growing as lacrosse players, and also learning that there are very similar parallels between athletics, academics, and even approach to everyday life.”

A big test on the Kits’ schedule is their away game at New Trier on April 28. The Trevians are gunning for a third straight State title, and are led by two returning All-Americans in Colin Casas and Tyler Seminetta. In recent history, the Kits have not fared so well in the Trevians matchup. But despite these big looming statistics, the Kits are calm and ready for this matchup.

Chris David, Nick Lydon, Jacob Griffin, and Ben Neumann have been huge offensive threats thus far this season, as well as Matt Schroeder on defense and Matt Reinberg in goal, and these guys among others will be heavily relied on when the Kits go to battle on the 28th.

“I know New Trier is a big rivalry for these guys, but we’re not worried about them. We’re not worried about anybody. All we’re worrying about is staying within ourselves and being ready for the first round of the playoffs,” Porter said.