Checking into the season

Hailey Fine, Sports Captain

Despite the drastic drop in seniority this year, boys lacrosse plans to take the season head on and keep up a competitive attitude.

“We graduated two division 1 and two division 3 athletes so there are big shoes to fill, but I think our guys will be able to do that,” coach Rob Fournie said.

This year’s team features 10 less seniors than there were last season, giving the younger side of the team a chance, including some pressure, to step up.

“This year, the goal, of course, is to go far in the playoffs and do better than last season,” junior midfielder Ethan Francis said.

Last year’s season didn’t go as well as the team had hoped for. The kits lost to Loyola 17-5 in sectionals which ended the season on a sour note. They plan on leaving that in the past as they continue into this season. While the season has just started, the team’s most noticeable strength is their punishing defense.

“Our defense is looking very solid this year. They push the offense to work hard every practice, resulting in great offense as well,” junior midfielder Jack Sload said. “But, our biggest team strength is the energy we have. It’s never quiet, and it’s never not competitive.”

Along with the already aggressive nature of the game, the team has been conditioning constantly in order to get in the best shape possible for the long season ahead. While being required to condition in sweats and gear, these boys are being pushed to the limit both mentally and physically.

“As much as we hate [the conditioning], it is very beneficial. If we want to beat the best teams, we need to be able to outrun them. There is no doubt it will help better our on-field performances,” Sload said.

Despite the intensity of the training, the Kits are planning on having fun as well. With a tournament coming up in Phoenix, Arizona over spring break, the team will have plenty of time to bond.

“I think we have a very focused and dedicated group that has the potential to achieve a lot this season,” Francis said. “The ultimate goal is to have fun and do our best.”

The team’s next game will be on March 26, the first of many in the Trilogy Lacrosse tournament in Arizona.