The Evanstonian announces next Executive Editors

The Evanstonian’s 2021-2022 Editorial Board is proud to announce the 2022-2023’s Executive Editors: Meg Houseworth, Jessica Sehgal and Ahania Soni. Meg, Jessica and Ahania have all been on staff for the majority of their high school careers and are excited to step into their roles as Executive Editors. 

“I’m looking forward to working with more sections and with all the different people in those sections,” Ahania says.

Additionally, the three editors have seen the Evanstonian community change in meaningful ways and are excited to continue to spark change within the staff and larger community. 

“I definitely envision printing a lot of stories regarding social justice,” Meg says. “I’m really excited to do another issue where it’s kind of like a mini dissertation about one issue facing the community. I definitely want to continue that for next year.” 

Beyond personal goals for themselves in their new roles, the three editors are excited to continue building the Evanstonian community and introduce new student journalists to the paper.. 

“I’m also looking forward to meeting all the new freshmen who are going to be able to on the paper,” Ahania says. “I think that’s going to be really exciting, because meeting new people is always fun.”

The new Executive Editors will assume their roles once the seniors graduate and are looking forward to representing the newspaper for the next year. 

“I see the Evanstonian as a very collaborative and meaningful institution at ETHS,” Jessica says. “I think that, through the staff members that we have, the paper has the power to create change in our community by initiating meaningful conversations. I think that everyone on staff is super dedicated to the work that we do. And so, with next year, I envision us using the Evanstonian as a vehicle to initiate important discussions facing community members and issues within the community.”