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Speak up

Matthew Barbato, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

While teachers often feel pressure to be objective, sharing their personal opinions with students during class discussion provokes students in a way that promotes positive discourse. The rules surrounding...

Students should value action over labels

Sofia Sant’Anna-Skites, Opinion Editor March 17, 2017

While students may label themselves as liberals, allies or activists, many don’t fully participate in the fight for equity. Attending marches for justice and raising awareness about important issues...

Read new news

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist March 17, 2017

Branch out. Only getting news from sources that bolster our opinions ends up limiting our knowledge and perspectives. Many of us get our news from articles shared on Facebook or from CNN notifications...

Punching Nazis

Adam Marquardt, Opinion Writer March 17, 2017

Common wisdom tells us that violence is never the answer, but when our friends and family are threatened by genocide, we cannot respond with business-as-usual. Punching a White supremacist does not make...

SAME students celebrate their culture at recent pep rally.

SAME summit reclaims their stories, identity

Amissa Page, News Editor March 17, 2017

The South Asian Middle Eastern Alliance will hold their second annual summit on Thursday, March 23 under the theme “My story, our strength”, focusing on how current politics affect their identity,...

Students take over the ChromeZone

Jonathan Neuberger, Feature Editor March 17, 2017

Pure genius. Student workers show off their tech-savvy skills while helping fix computers in the ChromeZone. The ChromeZone is the only place in the school where students can always find help for...

Block marches in a Black Lives Matter protest.

Evanston alum runs for city council

Rachel Krumholtz, Feature Editor February 24, 2017

Block by block. Just seven ago he was roaming the halls of ETHS, but now alderman candidate Alex Block is on to the streets of Evanston, reaching out to each registered voter in the third ward. “...

The cheating epidemic: It’s time for a mindset shift

The cheating epidemic: It’s time for a mindset shift

Matthew Barbato, Opinion Editor February 24, 2017

While people preach academic integrity at high schools everywhere, the reality is that most students feel pressure to cheat, and our current policy focuses too much on punishing dishonesty rather than...

Chess team anxiously watches a match unfold

Chess Team rises to the challenge in State Tournament

February 13, 2017

The Chess Team had returned from the IHSA State Tournament with great results. The Team was seeded 15th going it (out of 149). The coaches were expecting five wins, but the field continues to get stronger...

Students must know the credibility of news

Ethan Harvey, Opinion Editor February 6, 2017

Pseudo stories. The recent surge of fake news throughout the media brings up serious concern for young Americans. We have all been taught to check our sources for credibility when doing a research project,...

Senior Olivea Frischer practices her artistic skills in preperation for her project on Senior James Ogunbola.

Senior Studies class offers alternative education through student run projects

Mac Stone, Feature Editor February 6, 2017

While many seniors continue with normal schedules in the second semester, Senior Studies students get a unique experience like no other. For the first semester, the class is all about a community-based...

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