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Standing NOvation: Culture of confidence hinders change for LGBTQIA+ community

Sophia Weglarz, Assistant Opinion Editor August 28, 2018

In his monthly Superintendent’s Spotlight series for June 2018, Dr. Witherspoon highlighted ETHS achievements in equity for the year. ETHS is a well-oiled machine that runs on “collaboration, respect...

Executive functioning program Introduced to Wildkit Academy

Hailey Fine, Features Editor May 17, 2018

Several staff members from Student Services have come together to make an executive functioning and planning program that is now available at Wildkit Academy. Although this program has only been available...

Former St. Athanasius student does classwork after transitioning to public school

Former parochial school students transition to public education

Charlie Levisay, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Although education and religion aren’t always intertwined, they once were for a large number of students. Parochial schools are private schools that are affiliated with religious organizations. Religious...

Surviving divorce: Teens can cope

Thomas Haller, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Splitting up. With about half of marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce, it’s important to recognize that teens with separating parents are at a higher risk for excessive stress and other mental...

Students share their unique faiths

Ella Kanter , In-Depth Editor December 19, 2017

While many are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this holiday season, ETHS students practice various religions and ideologies other than Christianity. “People are so motivated by religion,...

ETHS student featured in world premiere play

ETHS student featured in world premiere play

Nathan Shankar, Online Executive Editor October 24, 2017

Not every teen gets the opportunity to perform in a professional theater production, but for the past few months, junior Hannah Goodman has been preparing for the world premiere of "Moving Boxes". A...

Oil and water

Rachel Krumholz and Sophia Weglarz October 16, 2017

ETHS is known for priding itself off its diversity, yet there is one aspect that is constantly being overlooked; social segregation among students is rarely talked about. “Socially speaking, people...

Sports team shows an absence of diversity

Ella Kanter, In-Depth Editor October 16, 2017

You walk into tryouts, lace up your cleats and step out onto the field. Looking around, you suddenly get the feeling that you, nor anyone else within your race belongs there. Certain Evanston sports...

The ETHS Theatre program advertises the YAMO 60th anniversary show on their website.

Big names back in Evanston

Cam Mulvihill, Entertainment Editor October 14, 2017

The stars come back. As YAMO’s 60th anniversary rolls into town this October, so will many Evanston alumni, some being very well known. Evanston YAMO alumni will be performing in their own...

Students dance at Homecoming 2015.

Evanston dresses to impress at Homecoming

Sofie Kennedy, Entertainment Editor October 14, 2017

From safari to sparkles. Tomorrow’s homecoming dance takes a turn for the fancier side of things after students voted for a ‘dress to impress’ theme. “This year’s homecoming dance is semi-formal...

YAMO? More like YA-NO

YAMO? More like YA-NO

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist October 14, 2017

Although YAMO has reached a high level of prestige over the last 60 years, the hype surrounding the show overshadows its flaws, such as a lack of diversity in casting and tendency to outshine other...

Bridging the digital divide

Zachary Bahar, News Writer September 22, 2017

The internet is a necessity in modern life, but many Evanstonians lack access to this crucial resource. Thus, the Evanston Public Library (EPL) has begun to lend out wifi to Evanston citizens. The program,...